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Seyidoglu Invested 1 m. in Expansion

Mehmet Goksu, said: “In terms of range and capacity of production we have a leading facility in Europe. Especially in recent years, under the export-oriented activities, we are exporting our products under

four different brands to about 20 countries. We are increasing product variety.

We began to produce traditional jams of once consumed at the Palace in Ottomans era. New series of products were developed using cartoon characters to popularize traditional flavor among our

children. We also increased tonnage of cakes, puddings, and some bakery products. With this investment, total number of employees reached to 400 with the addition of 30 new staff.” Besides Seyidoglu brand the company has three brands for its production, namely Sultanbaci, the Seysu, and Cokomiss.

Mehmet Goksu said “With our 65-year old Seyidoglu brand we are delivering traditional Ottoman flavor to the masses. Different brands and flavors address different markets in abroad. With Sultanbaci

brand that was recently purchased we æcurrently entered into many gross markets in European countries. The traditional flavors are exported to world’s most far-flung countries.”

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