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Seyidoglu offers hot halva after fishmeal

A tradition in Turkey, consumers ask for halva made of sesame. Seeking to find a practical way for answering the needs of fish lovers, Seyidoglu launched a new product of hot halva that can be served in earthen casserole after heated for ten minutes. Having an experience of 65 years in sweets the company is forecasting a great demand for its products. General manager of the company, Mehmet Goksu, says, “Halva after a fish meal is a must since the time of Ottomans. The tradition is still vivid. But, it is somehow hard job to prepare hot served halva just in time. We solved the problem with our new products that is made a lighter type of halva that is sold in its fish formed earthenware casserole that is to be heated in oven for ten minutes. Fishery restaurants and consumers liked our products.”

“When the weather becomes cold sales of sweets are up. We, as the companies of sweets, yearn for winter and the snow. In recent years, both our product varieties and exports have increased. We sell 10 different halvas to 25 countries. Our target is to reach 30 countries.,” said, Goksu.

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