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SIAL CHINA 2015 has been a source of inspirations

The 16th edition of SIAL CHINA 2015 took place in Shanghai New International Expo Centre, 6-8 May 2015. Taking over 115,000 sqm (+20% over 2014) exhibition area, 2,734 exhibitors (+14% over 2014) from 61 countries all over the World and 21 regions in China and 61,296 visitors (+11.5% vs 2014), 2015’s growth marks a new milestone in SIAL CHINA’s history.

The Opening Ceremony – An epitome of the international network behind SIAL On May 6th, a delegation of ministers (Argentina, Czech Republic, Poland and USA), ambassadors, consuls and trade officers participated in the Opening Ceremony of SIAL CHINA 2015.

Most of all the pavilions were well represented. China was represented by many high-ranking officials while the guest country of Honor – USA, was represented by Consul General of the U.S. Consulate General Shanghai and Ministerial Agriculture Counselor from Beijing Embassy.

Without forgetting Vice Minister of Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of Argentina, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Agriculture of Poland; and Ambassadors and Consul Generals of Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, France, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Mozambique, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovenia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA andmany more…

USA – Guest Country of Honor

This year, USA has been the Guest Country of Honor. USA had a strong representation during the SIAL CHINA 2015 with more than 100 companies presenting pork and poultry in hall E3 and a great diversity and ingredients and beverage products in hall E1.

Poland – Amber Sponsor

Poland pavilion was located in hall W4, on a surface of nearly 1,000 sqm, featured with dairy products of the highest quality, traditional meat and poultry products, fruit and vegetables preserves, natural juices, beverages and alcohol drinks as well as confectionery products.

Heilongjiang – Guest Province of Honor

Heilongjiang joined this year as the Guest Province of Honor with 40 companies showcasing rice, edible fungus, blueberry wine and other health and organic products.


Best Designed Pavilion Award & Best Designed Individual Stand Award

Among all the well-designed pavilions and stands in SIAL CHINA, there are always quite a few shining even brighter. The independent jury awarded the Best Designed Pavilion to Korea Pavilion for their impressive ethnic decoration and the Best De signed Individual Stand goes to  Segafredo Zanetti Espresso from Korea.


Generating pleasure and inspiration with SIAL CHINA events

1. SIAL Innovation – Inspire the trends for food market

SIAL Innovation competition, showcase of the latest food and beverage exhibited in SIAL CHINA has revealed for its 11th edition with great success: 94 selected innovative products from 56 companies from 22 worldwide countries and regions; 11 Finalist products and 3 Awards for Gold /Silver/Bronze Award! The SIAL Innovation Finalists and the SIAL Innovation Gold/Silver/Bronze Awards were given by the juries to highlight the best of the best innovative products exhibited in SIAL CHINA 2015. This year the Gold Award goes to LISE BACCARA from France for its Parfum Culinaire; the Silver Award goes to BROOKLYN BREW SHOP from USA for its Beer Making Kit ;the Bronze Award goes to TPT INTERNATIONAL GROUP (CHINA) CO., LIMITED from China for its range 3+3 Fruit Honey!

 2. La Cuisine by SIAL – 2nd edition 2015 China International Top Chefs Invitational Competition by SIAL

The competition was endorsed by World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) for its 2nd year. Keen competitions among 12 top international chefs from USA, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand and 12 top national chefs from Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Zhejiang were held. During the Awarding Ceremony on 7th May, Malaysia team won the Special Gold award, Thailand and USA won the Gold medals. The pavilion organizers from Poland, Japan, and USA also animated La Cuisine by SIAL area with their excellent culinary demonstrations and products during 3 days.

 3. Retail & Hospitality Forum – a broad and forwardthinking perspective

Partnered with Ivie – a global marketing consultancy delivering expertise from concept to reality, the 4th edition delivered its pitch perfect topics featuring industry leaders such as CGF, Daymon, Hailiang Group, BIO Farm, XTC, Australian Organic, Parishine, Maruha Nichiro, and many more. This year covers topics from food innovation and trends to food safety, from private label to food quality, from organic food to imported food, and many more. Meanwhile, we recorded the full panel discussion as well as the conference which will be shared on its online channel YouKu.com. Please stay tune for the online presentation updates.

4. World Tour by SIAL

In its 2015 edition, SIAL CHINA presented World Tour by SIAL, helping to understand the specific characteristics of the food market by geographic area. 28 billboards featured with best-selling products and the information to define the retail strategies, from Australia to Canada, from Brazil to Russia, the United States, India and even China were displayed along the corridors to the South and East Lobbies.

 5. The Consumer Goods Forum – CGF

This is a special session organized by The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), a global parity-based industry network bring together with CEOs and senior management of 400 retailers. Titled as “Food Safety: Achieving the Global Vision”, CGF presented the session in the form of panel discussion and briefed the responsive principles to see through the intriguing retail market with experts from COFCO, Carrefour, Wal- Mart, Cargrill, Aeon, Metro, Nestle, Tyson foods and so forth.

6. 1st Edition of WTC China National Specialty Tea – Brewing Tea with Creativity and Expertise

With the strong support from Café Culture Magazine and Australian Asian Specialty Tea Association (AASTA) and sponsored by Brita Water Purification System, the first edition of China National Specialty Tea Brewers Cup Event was launched by SIAL CHINA successfully. Providing guidelines to combine traditional tea and other natural food materials together, this event shows characteristics of tea drinks and also contestants’ creativity. After the twoand- half day contest, the top 3 contestants stood out. Huang Jianhua from Taiwan came first, Wei Chuwei from Guizhou second and Gu Zongquan from Beijing third.

 7. 4th Edition of Chocolate World

With 4 well-selected sponsors, the 4th edition of Chocolate World saw 14 sessions successfully held within 3 days and attracted over 550 professional visitors. Among all the sessions, the “Chef Show” and “MAXIMS Show” were the two biggest highlights of this edition. The former involved a contestant line-up of chefs from top 5 hotel management groups. Mr. Yang Jun, the pastry chef from Beijing Parkview Wuzhou Hotel was crowned with the laurel of dessert.

“MAXIMS Show” presented a brand new chocolate-making demostration in the form of drama. At the same time, it collaborated with three-star Michelin chefs to hand-make truffle chocolate on-site and created an elegant Salon with French wine and chocolate, pushing this exhibition into the new climax.

 8. 3rd Edition of The Fresh – Right Seafood Right Wine

The third edition of The Fresh – Right Seafood Right Wine was held together by CAPPMA and SIAL CHINA. 14 sessions within 3 days attracted 251 professional visitors and more than 40 journalists and media. 36% of the visitors were from HORECA industry. With the strong support from Hainan Fisheries Office, Weihai Fisheries Bureau, Ease Scent Wine Education Group as well as MSC, this event invited Mr. Jin Liang, a prestigious chef to perform the live culinary demonstration along with famous educators from Ease Scent. In addition, the largest Chinese aquatic enterprise ZHANGZIDAO together with MSC initiated the new consumption concepts of “Sustainable Fisheries for a Fresher Life” onsite.

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