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STG to delight Turkey even more

Turkish Confectionery & Sweet Promotion Group (STG) was established under the control and coordination of the Ministry of Economy in April 2012. The most important goal of the group is to increase the awareness of confectionery products (manufactured in Turkey) in strategic markets by emphasizing that Turkey is the most correct address for confectionery products, and to activate the targeted channels in order to make sure that Turkish products are preferred. We will be glad to host you at our booth during the exhibition.

Confectionery products category is the one, which has a high market attraction to Turkey. The richness of desserts in Turkish cuisine, Turkey’s production capacity for confectionery products and business world’s propensity and aptitude for this field increase the effect of this power. Besides, the recognizably, appreciation and reputation of “Turkish Delight” in the world form the base of this market attractiveness.

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STG positioned Turkey as a DELIGHT LAND as a result of all these characteristics and beauties of Turkey. Through this concept; the goal is to make sure Turkey springs to mind when it comes to confectionery products.



Turkish Confectionery Products Sector exports to about 200 countries – consisting of mainly nearby and neighboring countries – as of 2016. The sector continues to develop with firm steps to become a regional power thanks to its recent investments.

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With its new concept and brand strategy, STG having over 2000 members, represents its country and members at international fairs held throughout the world. Turkish confectionery products sector achieves growth at a rate of 10 % on average every year and its export goal for 2023 is 10 billion dollars.

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