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Tatlısumaklar, a leading name in chocolate and candy products


Crowned with the brand name of ANTAT, Tatlısumaklar is a well known test around the world

TATLISUMAKLAR is a successfulname in 8 different confectionery groups. The company has a successful history with its trendy and tasteful products. Ahmet Tatlısumak, General Manager of the company answered the questions of Food Turkey on their operations:

Can you brief us about your company?
Tatlısumaklar Company has started its commerce activity in marketing in 1960. In 1975s, the company had been producing traditional handmade rock candy for domestic market. In spite of Turkey economic crisis Tatlısumaklar Company made a critical decision and begun compound chocolate production with the brand name of ANTAT in 2001 on a tight budget. The Company had never stopped its growing with continual innovation and incorporated new production lines every year. As of today Tatlısumaklar Company has become a very well known brand in 6 continents and 80 countries with its 8 different confectionery groups.

What does your product portfolio include?
Tatlısumaklar Company is one of the leading producers in the production of compound chocolate, hard and mini candy, jelly candy, chocolate bars, shell-line products, soft candy and cake in Turkey.

What is the position of your products in the market? What are your expectations from these products?
Our products in foreign markets are the leader and top quality products in their groups. They are always demanded by consumers. This strengthens their position in the market day by day. As Tatlısumaklar Company we have always worked with the motto of “Continuity”. Until now we have worked with more than 80 countries and today we have
been working with 55 actively. This shows how we are trustful and qualified. According to this, our only expectation is continued consumption of our products and covering the demands in the market with new and delightful products.

Can you give details of your quality and capacity?
Our products are made with top quality raw materials. For compound chocolates we use best cocoa, for candies we use best flavors, this situation is the same for every product and material. Under normal circumstances and full capacity we can produce 25 tons goods daily.

Can you brief your exports? Which countries do you export?
As of today we have been exporting to 55 different countries in the world including USA, Canada, South and Central American Countries (such as Bolivia, Guatemala, Panama, Uruguay, Venezuela and Colombia), European Countries (Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Balkans,), Gulf Countries (Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait), Asian Countries (Kazakhstan, Japan, Indonesia) and Australia.

What is the position of Turkish confectionery production in the world?
At the beginning, the sector of confectionery and chocolate products in Turkey was based on the production
of traditional Turkish confectioneries such as Turkish delights and halva produced in small factories with raw materials obtained from the region. In 2010, the export of confectionery and chocolate products constituted about 0,56% of Turkey’s total export rate of 113,9 billion dollars with an export rate of 643,5 million dollars. However in the last decade enterprises in confectionery sector have raised, also Turkish government supplies innovative entrepreneurs in confectionery.

Are there any confectionery products that Turkey is the leader in the world with ?
The sector of confectionery and chocolate products of the world is dominated by multinational companies. It is estimated that about 45% of the production of the world is realized by top six companies, but local companies also invest and try to reach well-developed company standard such as Mars, Storck, Nestle. There several products which lead their market, for instance Turkish Delight, Rock Candy and Mevlana Candy. Origin of these product is Turkey and completely produced by Turkish

What are the problems in the sector and what solutions do you offer for them?
The confectionery sector demand is increasing day by day as the increase on the world population. Especially the compound chocolate demand is much more increasing with compared to pure chocolate demand due to the quality of compound chocolate is catching the pure chocolate. New production companies are disturbing the market with less qualified products. Companies who want to improve their product range and brand remembrance they should invest more on R&D.

Do you have any targets and plans you set for the shortterm?
Investment is one of the keystone of development for companies. Tatlısumaklar Company allocated 7.6 million dollar from the budget for R&D (Research and Development). Also in November 2015 we have started cake production. Our short term goal is diversifying cake products. We have plans for filled cake groups and now we are trying to integrate chocolate line and cake, so we will be able to produce chocolate covered cake groups.

Anything you would like to add?
Thank you for having us and I would like to emphasize that all companies in the Turkey are dealing with bad market conditions. Political issues and tensions at Middle-East have a part in this issue. Our only wish is to solve these problems as soon as possible.


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