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Has Tavuk: The fastest growing company in ISO list

In an exclusive interview with Food Turkey magazine, Sahin Aydemir, general manager of Has Tavuk, informed about his company and their operations:

What are the strategies that led to the success of Hastavuk?

Has Tavuk is among the fastest growing companies in the list of ISO. Last year it ranked at the 88th in the second 500 list, this year it is up in the first list. The company was jumped up from 88th to 29th in the list prepared by Bursa chamber of trade and industry. Our decision to enter poultry business with a right team is the main impetus behind our success. It was a long planned attack, while we are one of the leading companies in the animal breeding business in Turkey. With this additional investment, we entered in white meat sector as well. People liked our move and products, we thank to them all.

What can you say about Turkish economy and export activities of Has Tavuk

More than 30 million dollars’ worth of products was exported in 2014, that means 33 percent increase on 2013 data. While others have been focused on middle east and Iraqi market, our company emphasized on African and Turkic countries, both have potential for further sales. This ye a r we delivered poultry products to Lebanon and Qatar this year for the first time, besides sales to Namibia, Ethiopia. We targeted 40 million dollars of exports this year. We will add three new markets in our present markets of 26 countries. Japan is demanding high value products. We try to develop a healthy market in the Middle East for our products. This year we aimed to sell in 30 countries. However, domestic market is also important for our company.

What are the firsts’ of Has Tavuk, targets and successes?

These are some of them, such as: The fastest realization Of profes sional management project in 2005. One of the top-5 exporters in 2007 in its segment. One of the top-3 companies exporting more since 2008. Entering to new markets. The first company to export hens to Egypt. The first company to deliver live poultry on air. The company that makes idle facility of Bursa-Yenisehir air field operational. Winning the award of excellence for the third time. Besides, we hosted many groups coming from abroad brought by the ministries of farming and economy at our facilities. It is also an award for us. We are happy to represent our sector and our country successfully.

 What do you want to say about the new technology used in the poultry industry?

We invested in latest technologies in order to become competitive. We are one of the first companies importing Aeroscalder technology t h a t is known as the golden innovation in poul – try sector. In this process, the products are processed automatically in hot air current, without dipping in hot water, separately and hygienically. The process produces cleaner, more hygienic, healthier products. It also saves water and energy. Another technology in the sector Rapid Rigor, which prevents hardening of muscles of the poultry and produces softer and tastier meat, is also applied by our company. Our aim for 2015 is to realize a turnover of 480 million and 40 million dollars of exports with an employment of 1700 people by growing 20 percent annually.

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