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Teksut Milk & Cheese, healty and tasty …

TEKSUT has been offering the most natural form of cheese for over half a century.

TEKSUT arranged a press reception in Gonen. Journaists visited the TEKSUT facilities and watched cheese production closely and asked questions to TEKSUT Chairman of the Board Cevdet Arinik about the company.

Teksut Milk on sale

Arinik explained the projects for the new term and added, “In 2013, we are going to work in order to expand sales areas, add new products to our product range, increase the capacity and start producing UHT mik.”  Arinik gave the good news that TEKSUT milk started to be availabe on the market shelves and said, “We may export our products to lraq and the USA.” Arinik explained that first 1 liter milk would be on sale then they were willing to keep selling 200 ml boxes of milk.

Arinik added that they had had a new facility buit for UHT milk line and it was going to be ready in 7 or 8 months. Having explained that company’s revenue of the year 20 was 153 million TL, Arinik denoted that their company was among the firstten companies in the sector.

Arinik’s made the following explanation related to export:

“Our export volume is about 3.5 million dolars. This is the total amount of  Iraq and the USA exports. Now the products we exportto these countries differ according to the needs. In the USA, classic sheep cheese is preferred more. Also Turks in the USA look for “Turkish style cheese”, that’s why it is preferred more. In Iraq, especially types of cream cheese, white cheese, cheddar cheese are preferred in the first place, other than these, yoghurt, cottage cheese and local products are preferred. For fat products are preferred in the eastern countries, people are most interested in cream, butterand cheese like products.”

TEKSUT Chairman of the Board Cevdet Arinik stressed that they were giving dealerships and the deaers satisfying work conditions and quality would be permanent, Arinik said, “we are purchasing milk from 10 thousand producers. The milk produced in Gonen is very good. But unfortunately, not enough amount of milk products consumed in our country.”

Arinik emphasized that the lack of stabilhy was the biggest problem of the sector. Arinik finalized his speech with these words:

We have a production capacity of 350-400 tons of milk a day. TEKSUT has 280 workers and we generate work opportunities for over lO thousand people indirectly.”

Teksut cheese: fresh, health and tasty…

During the meeting Dietician Dilara Kocak made a presentation about the value of cheese for a balanced and healthy nutrition. She said, “Calcium is an important mineral for bone and tooth health. It is especially important for the kids who mostly do not like milk . They have to take sufficient calcium for the development of their bones. Calcium is a necessary ingredient for neural system, muscles and the fibrillation of  blood.

“Cheese is also a good source for phosphor, a minera for the best functioning of teeth, bones, kidneys, muscles and neural activities. Calcium and phosphor act in tandem for being useful. This is the reason that the cheese, that has both, is the best choice for nutrition. Vitamin B12 is used in the making of DNA, blood and in the metabolism of folic acid. This is necessary for preventing heart, cancer and neural problems. Cheese is a good source for Vitamins A, D, E and K, all soluble in oil. Besides proteins cheese also contains carbohydrates and butter, all are needed fora balanced diet.

“We advice for individuals half buttered kinds depending on their personal health positions. Cheese based snacks are our favorites thanks to their balanced vitamin and mineral ingredients; they extend the feeling of fed up, Harder cheeses contain more calcium. Lactose is minimal in cheese, thus easier to digest than milk .With their protein contents, parmesan, gruyere, un-aged stager and cedar cheese rank higher than others. However, kids mostly prefer the creamy ones on their sices.

“Our advice the kinds that has esser butter and salt for adults who may have hearth, cholesterol, and blood pressure problems. Bones accumulates calcium unti the ages of 30 to 35 and then begins the gradual loss of calcium in both sexes especially in women after their menopauses.” she concuded.

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