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Teksüt Opens Gate of EU

Teksüt, one of the biggest milk and dairy products company of Turkey, received the approval for export from Turkey to the European Union countries.

Teksüt qualified for this approval following long and intensive inspections applied by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock according to the norms of the European Union. In accordance with the “Inspection Procedure of Milk Companies’ Approval for the Export to the European Union” the Ministry approved the export permit for Teksüt in January. Teksüt, which accelerated its export movement by sending products to Taiwan at the beginning of 2017, strengthened its position by including the European Union countries.

Teksüt exports products to the USA for 20 years Adsız

Teksüt A.Ş. CEO Cevden Arınık considered the export permit as a critical step towards the advance of export potential of both Teksüt and Turkey. Arınık said: “Indeed Turkey has already reached the quality standards of the EU in respect of milk and dairy products. In Teksüt, we export prod ucts to the United States of America since 1997 with the permission of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and we do it in accordance to the highest standards that can be applied in the food industry. Now our company has surpassed an important obstacle to improve our business in Europe. After this milestone, we will observe the potential markets in the region and focus on expanding our export volume.”

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