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Traditional Mozzarella from Rella Food

“We have two alternatives; either we should keep going or to aim a new field and market. We chose the second,” says Teoman Durukan, chairman of Rella food company, while introducing his company

On the history of company

As the first real producer of mozzarella in Turkey, we pursued a growth strategy we have inherited by our forefathers: “Invest the profit in your business.” We seek to explore niche segments. It encourages us for more. Our factories and investments are the fruits of this understanding. We have two choices, either to keep going on our way or to enter a new path. We decided for the second alternative and established the first production facility for mozzarella in Turkey, because we found a growing need for this special cheese. 8 years ago the factory has become operational in Kartepe, Izmit. In three years time we penetrated almost all national and international pizza chains in Turkey. A year ago, our second factory was operational in Salihli, where a line for frozen pasta production was also added.

On products and production capacities

Basically we follow traditional procedures for production. However, we watch developments in the production of chees in the world and way of standardization of the process. 11-12 lt of milk is consumed for the production of one kilogram of mozzarella in our process, as it was in the original procedures.

On the difficulties in distribution of frozen products

Production of frozen food products should be adjusted to the natural characteristics of the fresh products. The reactions of raw materials used in the frozen food processes may be different from the fresh consumed products. Selection of raw materials is important. We consume natural materials in our production, no other additives or chemicals are used to extend the shelf lives of the production. Products are shocked in the process for frozen products. Areas for the production of certain foods are isolated from other lines and personnel of production.

On performances in 2014

The potential for the year was far beyond our expectations. There were unexpected fluctuations as well. The year 2015 will be another year of investments. We will launch cheese-coated products and increase the production capacities. An automation project is to be operational this year.

On activities and targets in exports

We aim to improve our position in export markets in line with our brand. We established some strategic distributorship in selected countries. We have direct sales in other countries to serve our customers for both pasta and mozzarella products. Our products are sold and distributed in several countries from the USA to the New Guinea. Recently we got growing demand from Russian market.

Changing life styles, increasing consumption, rising costs and opportunities for transportation signal that the future will have golden opportunities. We are optimistic for the future, if we are prepared for it.

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