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Turkish biscuits industry prospering

Biscuit production in Turkey dates back to 1924. However, the sector has been experiencing rapid development and modernization for the last 15-20 years.

Especially in the last decade the Turkish biscuits industry realized considerable growth and improvement.

The product diversification has been realized, and more attention has been paid for scientific and hygienic methods by adopting modern technologies. Today, there are many companies in Turkey producing various biscuits in the same quality with their European competitors. All of the production companies operating in the sector are private companies and most of them are located in Marmara and Central Anatolian provinces.

Production of biscuits in Turkey was 605 thousand tons in 2011.

There are some world brands such as Ulker and ETI in the industry. Istanbul, Karaman, Konya, Eskisehir and Izmir are the main production bases of the sector. Biscuits is predicted to register a considerably higher constant value growth. The growth will be fuelled by improving economic conditions, new product launches and advertising campaigns.


Sweet and sugar added biscuits are the major items in the total exports of biscuits from Turkey (79% in 2011).

Turkish biscuit exports have performed significant increases by years. Export volume, which was 2,706 tons in 1980, increased to 11,630 tons, 16,709 tons and 74,838 tons in 1985, 1990 and 2000 respectively. The total figure in 2012 was recorded as 161,8 thousand tons and 324,7 million USD.

Turkish biscuit exports have been mainly targeted to the Middle Eastern, African and European countries. Ulker of Yildiz Holding takes the lead in biscuit exports. Ulker Biscuits produces biscuits, crackers, chocolate covered biscuits and wafers at its factories in Topkapi/Istanbul and Ankara. As the indisputable leader in the Turkish biscuit industry, Ulker Biscuits also takes its place among the giant food producers of the world, with its 280 assorted biscuit and cracker products that are supplied to both the local and international markets. Eti is another leading brand in the industry. According to the data of Euromonitor International, in 2012, the leading company in biscuits continued to be Yildiz Holding (Ulker) with a 46% value share. Ranked second was Eti Gida with a 31% share. Although Eti Gida has been operating for longer and is considered the first mover in packaged biscuits, Yildiz Holding’s wider product range has enabled it to become the leading biscuits player in Turkey. Nonetheless, in the latter years of the review period, Eti Gida made significant investments in terms of advertising and new product development, which meant that its share increased from 26% in 2008, whilst the share of Yildiz Holding went down from 54% in the same period. Both companies enjoy extensive distribution networks and their products are available in most outlets. Both frequently launch new biscuit brands and invest significant sums in advertising.

Gastrofest held in Bursa

 Rich heritage of taste culture in Bursa was introduced in a two-day event organized by Governorship of Bursa and supported by BEBKA, Bursa Eskisehir Bilecek Development Agency.

 The event started with the address of Resat Kahraman, Chairman of Bursa Chefs Association. He said, “It is a good opportunity to introduce the values that our city have in regard with kitchen culture and, to carry them to the next generations.”

The vice mayor of Bursa Municipality expressed the importance of the event and support of the municipality.

Governor of Bursa, Munir Karaloglu, also participated in the festival, held in Hilton hotel.

Under the framework of the Origin Bursa project that aims to proof and to approve the original tastes of Bursa, special dishes were prepared and served by talented and experienced chefs and the students of culinary. During the event, the first international gastronomy accolade was also held and best chefs were awarded. The competition was participated by 150 students of vocational tourism school and by 110 professional chefs. 17 local administrations and 20 private company exhibited their products.

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