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Turkish flour consumed by 90 percent of global population

Flour industry which has 25 billion TL size also, has been the world export champion for 6 years. Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Federation (TFIF) president Eren Günhan Ulusoy mentions about his new position as Eurasia Council Leader of International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM), and continues that this year they concentrate on to deepen export market.


Eren Günhan Ulusoy,Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Federation (TFIF) president

Flour industry which produce main ingredient of our basic nutrient bread, ride high. For 6 years flour industrialists have been leading export trade in globe by closing the year 2018 with 3,4 million tons flour export, also they are expecting 3,6 million tons of flour export in the end of 2019. 3,6 million tons of flour export approximately estimated means 1 billion 250 million dollars profit. TFIF works progressively on flour industry development in Turkey with its collaborators. 25 billion Turkish Liras sized flour industry leads Turkey’s agriculture market with its dynamic structure and experience by historical background.  Industry owns one third of global flour exportation and supplies product to 160 countries. For the new period, priority of the industry is to raise existing ratio.

Turkey carry on 30 percentage of global flour exportation

Turkey, the export volume is on the decline experienced in the market, is compensated with Syria and growing markets such as Angola. Industry provides consumption of Turkish flour to 90 percentage of global population by exporting flour to 160 countries. Only by itself, Turkey makes 30 percentage of global flour exportation. By this success, TFIF has become Eurasia Council Leader of IAOM since March. Eurasia area globally owns 30 percentage of wheat production and makes 55 percentage of global total 12 million tons of flour exportation. Missions of TFIF are to be mover and shaker, to detect and solve the issues in the area and lastly building a participative, enterprising, innovative industrial culture by giving importance of teamwork. Together with all its associations and members, TFIF organizes one of the 10 largest congresses in its field globally. In addition, the first IAOM Eurasia Workshop was held on April 23-25 with the theme “Miller Professionals Meet” before the congress. TFIF President Eren Günhan Ulusoy shared the following about the future of the flour sector: “There are many ways in which we can use our strong share in the world flour market. However, the priority for this is to produce more than our own wheat and maximize the share of domestic wheat in our total consumption. In this way, while our farmers earn more, our flour industry in raw materials will work completely with the domestic market and we will provide maximum support to our national economy.”

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