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Turkish pasta, bulgur, pulses and vegetable oils address to palate taste of all

The Pasta, Bulgur, Pulses and Vegetable Oils Promotion Group (MBTG) was established in 2012 and it has been engaged in promoting Turkish brands of pasta, bulgur, pulses and vegetable oils to the world. MBTG’s main goal is to accelerate and expand its promotional activities and in turn, increase the global demand for Turkish branded products. They also endeavor to ease the connection and contact between Turkish exporters and foreign importers in different countries. MBTG, with its natural, properly produced and processed products is making a contribution to the proper and healthy nourishment of the world population while creating global awareness in this regard. President of MBTG Mr. M. Surur AYDIN says that they participate to food exhibitions all around the world. During these exhibitions, Turkish chiefs cook delicious and tasty Turkish food prepared from Turkish Bulgur, Turkish Pasta, Turkish Pulses and Turkish Vegetable Oils. Visitors of the exhibitions coming from different cultures express their admiration to Turkish foods. Apart from being delicious; Turkish Bulgur, Turkish Pasta, Turkish Pulses and Turkish Vegetable Oils are also very healthy with great nutritional values. Mr. AYDIN emphasizes: “That is why we say: If it is Turkish, it is Delicious. If it is Turkish, it is Healthy.”


Over USD 2 bn of exports to 170 countries around the world

Each year, Turkey improves its export rate. By 2023, Turkey targets 500 billion $ of export. The Turkish Pasta, Bulgur, Pulses & Vegetable Oils Promotion Group (MBTG) would like to be a part of this great objective. Turkish Pasta, Bulgur, Pulses & Vegetable Oils exports to the world increases each year. In 2012, the total Turkish Pasta, Bulgur, Pulses & Vegetable Oils exports of Turkey was 1 billion 878 million $. In 2013 this number increased to 1 billion 915 million $. And in 2014, it exceeded 2 billion and increased to 2 billion 43 million $. In 2014, a total of 2 million 297 thousand tons was exported by Turkish Pasta, Bulgur, Pulses & Vegetable Oils Companies.


Turkey & Turkish foods

Turkey… Since the dawn of history, Turkey has been home to thousands of civilizations and is one of the earliest inhabited geographies in the history of world civilization. Having served mankind throughout history, this fertile, generous land with its favorable climate is currently redefining the world’s palate and conception of taste through modern agricultural Technologies and investments. Turkey produces and processes all types of agricultural products ranging from pasta to bulgur, pulses and vegetable oils at world standards utilizing the highest quality, state-of-theart technologies. Turkey is competing with the world’s largest exporters with its modern factories equipped with cutting edge technologies established throughout the country. Turkey offers higher quality products to important markets in the World at a relatively lower cost. The  Turkish Pasta Bulgur Pulses & Vegetable Oils Promotion Group (MBTG), which has been established to promote agricultural products produced in Turkey, is pleased to offer you the quality, taste and health of Turkish products.


Discover the tastes of the Turkish land!

Generous land that connects continents! Turkey is regarded as being one of the most important trade centers in the world due to its geopolitical position which is the closest common location between the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa. Connecting the continents of Europe and Asia with Istanbul’s Bosporus Straight, Turkey allows thousands of companies across the world deliver their products using the shortest possible route. Turkey offers great advantages by providing transportation routes to Russia through the Black Sea, to Europe through the Aegean Sea and to the rest of the world through Mediterranean Sea. Costs such as distribution and transportation are minimized by the opportunity for faster logistics through the transformation of the Mediterranean region into a trade zone with its ports along the Mediterranean coastline.


Turkish PASTA Turkey is the world’s second largest pasta exporter

Pasta is one the basic products for human consumption. It is consumed more than any other products after bread. Turkey is among the best pasta producing countries. Turkey is the second largest pasta exporter. Turkey increases its pasta export each passing year and aims to become the largest pasta exporter. Turkey has a great advantage in this respect. The raw material for pasta is durum wheat and Turkey is one of the most important producers of durum wheat utmost quality. Turkey is also considered to be one of the gene centers for the plant.  Turkey accounts for 8% of the world’s total durum wheat production. Turkey cultivates one of the finest types of durum wheat in the world due to the country’s advantages related to its geographical features. Durum wheat directly affects the taste and quality of pasta and is one of the major factors that differentiate Turkish pasta from pasta produced elsewhere. Another factor that makes Turkey strong in pasta production is Highly Developed Pasta Production Technologies. Pasta factories in Turkey continuously increase their investments in technology and technological production techniques. Production technologies utilized in factories within Turkey currently conform to the highest global standards. Turkish pasta is produced in computer aided, modern, integrated facilities following the careful planning of every stage of production and in order to supply the world’s healthiest, highest quality pasta to tables around the world.


Pasta exported by Turkey

Turkey is the world’s second largest pasta exporter and in 2014, 508 million $ export was realized by Turkish pasta companies. This number was  360 million $ in 2012, and 495 million $ in 2013. Nearly 1.250.000 Tons of pasta is produced in a year, by pasta companies in Turkey.


The benefits of Turkish pasta

• Helps you remain full for an extended period of time. • Does not cause an excessive and rapid rise in blood sugar. • Helps you lose weight or maintain your weight. • Prevents your appetite from increasing, due to the fact that it is very filling. • Prevents dessert-chocolate crises. • Stores energy within your body. • Reduces risk of diabetes. • Helps lower blood fat, thus reducing risk of cardiovascular disease. • Allows you to fill your plate more. • It is a source of vitamin B. • Contains dietary fiber.


Turkish BULGUR Turkey is the world’s largest producer and exporter of bulgur.

Bulgur, the healthy and tasty gift of the Mesopotamia lands to the World has already started to have its place among the irreplaceable dishes of the world cuisines. Recently, bulgur has become one of the basic foods of the healthy diet pyramid and got the attention of the whole world. Bulgur is the oldest processed food known. Bulgur is produced mostly from durum wheat. The durum wheat is soaked, cooked, and dried, then lightly milled to remove the outer bran and cracked. The quality of the durum wheat determines the quality of bulgur and the best quality durum wheat comes from Turkey. The benefits of the Turkish bulgur, which is one of the richest products in terms of vitamins and minerals, are uncountable. Turkish bulgur plays an important role for the  intestines to work properly with its high fiber content. In addition, its fiber content helps us to stay full and for this reason it is recommended by the nutritionists. As the World Health Organization stated, a human’s body needs 25-30 g fiber a day. This necessity can be covered by 1 plate of bulgur easily.


Bulgur exported by Turkey

Turkey is the world’s largest bulgur exporter and producer. In 2014, 125 million $ export was realized by Turkish bulgur companies. This number was 70 million $ in 2012, 98 million $ in 2013. The world becomes more acquainted with Turkish bulgur each passing year. As Turkish Pasta Bulgur Pulses & Vegetable Oils Promotion Group (MBTG), we aim at introducing the Turkish Bulgur, the miraculous gift of Turkish lands to the human kind, to all corners of the world.


The benefits of Turkish bulgur:

• As it does not include cholesterol, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. • It is a healthy food as it has unsaturated fat. • As it is rich in minerals and cellulose, it accelerates the nutrition absorption; prevents constipation and intestine cancer. • It does not absorb radiation. For this reason, it is one of the products kept in the stocks in case of nuclear wars for military and civil purposes. • It is recommended for the pregnant women because of its folic acid content. It contributes to the mental development of children. • As it is released in the blood slowly, it is recommended for diabetic patients. • It can be used to control weight in the diets.


Turkish PULSES Turkey is one of the most important centers in pulses production

Pulses began to take place in the hallmarks of the international cuisine with oth their flavors and their nutritional value. Pulses, with high diversity, give you a choice to suit all tastes. Turkey is one of the most important centers in the world in terms of pulses with its favorable climate and generous land. In Turkey, which is at a very advanced stage in terms of both production and processing, pulse products are processed at world standards in computer-aided factories and take its place in the international cuisine. Products in the pulse group that have a significant role in the human nutrition; lentils, chickpeas, beans, broad beans, peas and black-eyed peas are produced and processed in Turkey without compromising on quality.  Pulses exported by Turkey Turkey is one of the most important pulses exporters and producers in the world. In 2014, 244 million $ export was realized by Turkish pulses companies. This number was 212 million $ in 2012. And in 2013, it was 209 million $.


The benefits of Turkish pulses:

• Pulses delay the emptying of the stomach and reduce the desire to eat excessively. • Due to the fact that pulses do not contain any cholesterol, they do not trigger cardiovascular disease. • Pulses prevent constipation. • They help regulate blood sugar. • Due to the fact that pulses have a low glycemic index, they provide slow burning energy. • They are cardio-friendly as they do not contain any cholesterol. • They are preferred for weight maintaining and slimming diet programs due to the fact that they do not contain a lot of calories and that they help you stay full.


Turkish VEGETABLE OILS Turkey produces the world’s highest quality vegetable oil Varieties

Oils, like proteins and carbohydrates are an essential part of the human diet. Therefore, vegetable oils constitute important part of the human diet in terms of their contributions to overall human health and their high nutritional values, especially due to the fact that they have low saturated fat ratios, they contain free fatty acids necessary for cell structure and that they are able to dissolve vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E, K that are soluble in oils in the human body. Having considerably generous land in terms of agricultural products; Turkey produces the world’s highest quality vegetable oil varieties. Vegetable oils that are produced in state-of-the-art,computer-aided factories operating under conditions assuring maximum hygiene meets world demand for these products. Turkey produces mainly sunflower oil, but is also engaged in the production of corn oil, soybean oil and canola oil. Turkey’s 2.4 million ton refined vegetable oil production capacity ranks Turkey as one of the most important vegetable oil producers in the world. Sunflower oil has the highest share of total production reaching a volume of 550 thousand tons.


Vegetable oils exported by Turkey

Turkey is one of the most important vegetable oils exporters. Turkey exports over 1 billion $ in recent years. This figure does not contain olive oil.

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