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Yenigun Gida sweetens tables for the century

Celebrating its centenary Yenigun Gida has been delivering its tastes to world markets for 20 years. Started as a local business, the company now offers 41 different products.

The history of the company started in 1914 as a halva and sugar candy producer in Antalya. In time, other products such as jams, preserves, grape molasses, pickles, delights, aromatic powder drinks were added. The company produces 6.8 million kg. of products annually and a revenue of 1.5 million dollars from sales. Target for the new year is to sell 2.5 million dollars worth of products.

Ruhi Alpagot, of third generation of the family and chairman of the company is confident about the future of his business. He says, “There are very few companies over hundred years old in Turkey. We are proud of being one of them. We do our work with love and keep our tastes unchanged since 1914. At the beginning we have been known only by local customers. Now our products are sold in abroad. In our product portfolio are 41 jams, 100 delights, 15 pickles and other products. Both classics and new they are all loved by the people.”

Necmi Alpagut, deputy chairman of the company informed about their factory of 12 thousand sqm that produce 6.8 million tons of product annually. Ours sales will reach to 20 million lira in domestic and 2.5 million dollars in export markets. In 2016, we plan to complete our new factory of 20 thousand sqm. in Antalya Organized Industrial zone.”

The company exports 30 % of its production to several countries including Germany, France, England, Sweden, Portugal, Israel, Palestine, Dubai, Qatar, Russia, America, Canada, Australia, Malaysia and Georgia. Orange jam, carop and palm syrup are demanded more in America and Israel.

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