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Altunkaya Group of Companies, A Respectful Brand in The Food Industry

Caring for the world, one person at a time… inspires and unites the people of Altunkaya Group.

“We embrace research and science – bringing innovative ideas, products and services to advance the health and well being of people,” says MazharAltunkaya, Foreign Trade Manager of Altunkaya.

When Altunkaya Group was founded in 1980 by Altunkaya family, the aim of the family was to build the priority preferred company among other companies around the world.  In 1996, Altunkaya Group of companies had become a powerful and well-known company in its region and in neighboring countries.

Today Altunkaya Group of Companies comprises Turkey’s first 100th most exporter company every year.  Altunkaya Group has more than 15 operating companies in more than 7 countries and employing nearly 2000 people worldwide. Altunkaya Group’s worldwide headquarter is in Gaziantep, TURKEY.

Employees of Altunkaya Group Companies work with partners in food and health care to touch the lives of over millions of people every day, throughout the world. The competence of Altunkaya Group team focuses on the needs of the customers. An individual customer advisory service, the capacity to deal with big quantities, an extremely punctual and highly specialized service satisfy the most complex requirements of industries and distributors all over the world.

The intensive and raw material control, the constant suppliers audit, the analytical process control, the never-ending research for high quality standards are the guarantee of high value product always with total transparency and in full respect of the nature.

According to Mr. Altintaya, the company has obeyed national and international food and health certificates for all its products. Altunkaya Group presents its services with modern production method within the scope of “Total Quality Principle”.  It keeps nature’s pure nutrients alive and suspends complete nutrition at full potency, maintaining the taste, aroma and color only nature can offer.

The achievements of our group are:   MAHMOOD brand, in Tea, Coffee and Rice.  ŞEMS brand, in Sun Flower Oil.  ALTUNSAbrand, Sun Flower Oil, Tomato Paste, Pulse, Olives, Olive Oil, pasta etc. CONFY brand, Confy baby Diapers. ARIMO brand, kitchenware and fridge-frezer.PELE and LIVANS brand, cleaning products.EURO DRINK brand, fresh Juice.

Altunkaya Group’s large range of products is always available to you from our factories and warehouses in Turkey, Dubai and Sri Lanka.

Altunsa introduction:

AltunkayaA.S., performing in transportation and fuel oil sectors, has opened its eyes to investments and targets for the future by establishing ALTUNSA and then LIDERSAN companies at food sector. Today, the company, holder of many trademarks, known in European, Russian and especially Middle Eastern countries, continues to develop by getting stronger.

Lidersan, adding zest to the world kitchen with sunflower oil, olive oil, margarine and sauce production, has made its healthy and nutritive products under ALTUNSA brand, as a preferential brand in several markets. Moreover, its products for almost all needs of home consumption such as tomatoes paste, can, breakfast products, olive, leguminous products and cereals, which are produced as custom manufacturing under Altunsa brand, take place there. Our unchangeable principles for these products become quality, service and fair price.

It obtained production permission of all products that produced by it and their conformity for Turkish and European Food Codex has been provided. Facility inspects periodically as confirm with standards. Activities are continued under “Total Quality Principles” with love of “Product and Service”.

Hot Drinks

ALTUNKAYA GROUP OF COMPANIES is a leader in Middle Eastern and Gulf countries at hot drink sector and it has become honor of Turkey with its brands Mahmood, Mahmood Tea and Mahmood Coffee. We asked questions about success and strategies of Mahmood trademark to Mr. MazharAltunkaya, Foreign Trade Chief of Altunkaya Companies Group:

Could you please tell us about your activities in hot drink sector?

Our company has met quality to consumers for 30 years and it entered to tea sector with Mahmood Tea Trademark firstly. Mahmood Tea serves products for taste of all tea lovers with black tea, herbal teas and fruit teas. After tea sector, our company entered to coffee sector with Mahmood Coffee trademark, which is a instant coffee brand and began to produce 3 in 1, gold and classic and Turkish coffee types as well as Cappuccino, coffee mate, sahlep and hot chocolate under Mahmood brand.

Mahmood has loved and accepted by everyone. In your opinion what is the secret of this achievement?

We believe that our principles that protected by us since our company established, have accomplished us our priority always becomes “Customer Satisfaction”. Of course, we could not ignore success of our team, behind this achievement. Most of our business partners are a part of our company for a long time and therefore, they, whoever management or pre-field workers, accept culture of company and high service standards. This generates a productive and strong cooperation for both two parties. Synergy that gained together also reflects to our customers as positive service.

At which point is Mahmood getting different from their competitors?

Serving a quality product or using usual marketing methods is not enough to be a successful trademark. We achieved to establish an emotional connection with our consumers. Consumers accepted Mahmood brand.

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