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Aroma Develops Even More 100% Naturally

AROMA Bursa Meyve Suları ve Gıda Sanayi A.S. was established over a 75.000 m² area in Gürsu Dsitrict of Bursa on the year of 1968.

At the company being established as an aggregate corporation, Duruk Group acceded the management by purchasing the majority interest on 1991. By increasing the processed fruit amount day by day with the investment thrust starting on 1991, it has been increased from 20.00 ton to 125.00 ton in a year and Aroma has become one of the leading fruit juice filling facilities of the country. AROMA Bursa Meyve Suları ve Gıda Sanayi A.Ş. producing fruit juices, natural spring water and carbonated beverages has a wide product range. There is semi finished (concentrated fruit and puree) and finished product manufacture in the integrated facilities Aroma presents its fruit juices under the brand of Aroma 100%, its nectars under the brand of Aroma and Meyöz nectars, lemonade under the brand of Aroma Limonta, fruity beverages under the brand of Aroma Tropical, gaseous beverages under the brand of Aroma. Aroma has been taking place in this market since 2004 under the brand of Aroma Ömer Duruk Natural Spring Water. AROMA Ömer Duruk Natural Spring Water Facilities constructed inside 50.000 m² open area as 10.000 m² closed area in the year of 2004. Natural spring water comes from the natural spring water source in Uludağ being at 2020 m height. Filling is carried out full hygienically with automatic machines in accordance with the applicable international standards in the facility. Aroma Ömer Duruk Natural Spring Water is a healthy, delicious and silky water thanks to it rich mineral components and low sodium rate. Aroma made significant contributions to the development of fruit juice market by brining in so many new from the date it was established. Mixed fruit nectar with 9 vitamins including 10 different fruit which was first manufactured by Aroma, 100% products flavored with apple can be given as a few examples among the innovative products presented to the taste of the consumer recently. Exportation volume of Aroma targeting being a Worldwide Brand has been increasing day by day. Among the countries that Aroma making exportation; fruit juices and nectars, various concentrated juices and purees, gaseous beverages and natural spring are exported to so many countries like waters Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, Australia, Cyprus, Turkmenistan, Georgia, China, Bulgaria, Malta, Canada, Mongolia, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya Benin, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Libya, Iraq, Israel, Mexico, Italy, Dubai and East Turkistan, etc. Aroma, continues giving service to the consumer markets not only with her quality policy not changed from past to today, but also with her safe, confident and delicious products, as well as their traditional but at the same time innovative approach as being a company growing and developing domestically and in abroad day by day.

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