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Buzdagi grows in export markets

Buzdagi natural mineral water exports rise in the new year!

Distributing drinking water originated from Geyve, Sakarya in Istanbul and neighboring provinces, Buzdagi exports them as well. The company has aimed to increase the share of exports to 20% in 2015. Murat Cavus, general manager of the company introduced his activities.

On activities of the company in general

Our company was founded in 1996 when there was a serious shortage of healthy drinking water in Istanbul. Upgrading its fountains and sources the company went a new organization in 2010 and a new system for operations was established. We aimed to be one of the largest seven companies in mineral water market in Turkey.

On the capacities

The company has a processing plant on 12 thousand sqm land in Geyve where 120 people are employed. Profits are mostly reinvented in the development of the company. We can fill 5 million units of 19 lt carboy, 11.5 million units of small bottles annually. Capacity utilization ratio was 50 % in 2014. We planned to double the production this year. We are seeking new sources of water around to increase our capacity to be one of the top seven supplier in Turkey.

In our factory water is processed by hygienic chain of operations through an integrated workstations equipped with automatic machinery from its original source to the delivery rack. All rules, tests and controls are carried out imposed by legal authorities. We are also keen on training our staff to produce and protect the quality of products and processes. We have strict measures and controls on the hygiene of water sources, transport lines, raw materials and packaging materials, storage areas, filling spaces, logistics warehouse and transport vehicles, regional and distributors depots, and revers logistics.

On water hygiene

From hygiene point of view, the best material for packaging water is bottles made of glass. However, it cost a lot. For smaller bottles it is uneconomic. In line with rising consciousness of the consumers, demand for glass bottled drinking water is rising. With this understanding we planned to implement our glass bottling line in 2015. It will be operational soon. Our filling line for 15 lt glass bottles have been operational since from the beginning of 2014. Getting enough amount of bottles from glass makers is a serious problems, We may overcome this hurdle by establishing suitable partnerships in export markets.

On performance of the company in 2014

The year 2014 was a dynamic period when serious part of regulations for the industry were completed and some international companies bought several national firms operating in Turkey. The great potential of drinking and mineral water resources in the country and low costs of labor and operations attract the interens of foreign companies. We aim to expand more in this market with our investments in this business. By the end of 2014, our company has realized a 62 % growth by expanding operations in both vertical and horizontal directions.

On new investments in 2015

We believe that this year will be a golden period for our company, a year of jump. We have taken serious and strategic decisions for the new year and targeted to expand our capacity by investing 4.3 million dollars. We believe that our market share will increase by 40 % to 130 % with additional SKUs.

On targeted regions in domestic market

Since we have been located in Adapazari, Istanbul is our major natural target market besides buyers in and around Adapazari. We have distributors in west Blacksea and Trace region, Ankara, Kocaeli, Yalova, Bilecik, Eskisehir, Duzce and Bolu.  We have three regional distributors in Istanbul.

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