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“Campet” for health

Doganay Food, the market leader of turnip juice in Turkey, utilized the glass bottle smoothing technology for the beverage industry first time in Turkey with the factory established in Adana

Used in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, the glass bottles smoothing technology have been added to the beverage industry. Doganay Food, the market leader of turnip juice in Turkey, brought this technology to Turkey with the factory established in Adana. The package called “Campet”, appropriate with Turkish, filled with protective-free lemonade of Doğanay, has started to talk all over the world together with the advertising work. Campet, remarkable with the features such as affordability, lightness and infrangibility, was produced by combining the positive attributes of two materials. German giant glass technology company SCHOTT, developed a new glass coating technology as smoothing of the interior surface of the bottles, not to mix the debris that accumulates in the pits with the content. The world’s most advanced technology production line machinery producer German KHS company adapt this technology to the beverage industry, and covered the inside of light and easy shapeable plastic bottles with glass. Doğanay Food, who has the 95% market share of turnip juice market and has the mission of producing and selling healthy products, took a further step by offering drinks to consumers in a bottle as healthy as glass. Doğanay removed the coloring and preservative content from lemonade and combined it with Campet. Campet which is more affordable than glass bottle, will also be used for turnip juice, 100% pure fruit juices and upcoming products.


Light as Plastic, Healthy as Glass

Campet, very interesting along with the ads, is currently the most suitable packaging for the beverage industry. Campet, in short which obtained by plastering the glass in the form of gascloud into plastic bottle, allow us to consume healthy product without losing the lightweight, unbreakability and durability advantages of plastic bottle. The product contained in Campet bottle is only in contact with glass, so the negative taste distortion as happened in ordinary plastic bottles disappears. Only 1 micron thick glass in the bottle is not possible to distinguish by touch or by looking. Likewise because of the glass is flexible, with any impact the glass contents does not separateand discharging with the content does not occur. You do not bear with the difficulties about carrying it to home due to the weight and do not face with the problem of broken in home harming to individuals. The question about recycling which is one of the most frequently asked in social media, the following statement is true: Campet is categorized as plastic bottle and should be thrown to plastic recycling bin. Plastic will decompose during the recycling process and glass also will be evaluated.


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