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Centuries-old Taris, age-old flavor

Taris Olive Oil is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, crowned its 100 years old story with a very special olive oil: “Tariş Centuries Old”. This collection set produced from North Aegean’s 350 year old monumental trees with only mechanic processing of olives. 5 May 2015 Tariş, making production till 1915 with its 32 cooperatives in the Aegean Region launched a very special olive oil for it’s 100th Anniversary: “Centuries- Old”, which is produced from 350 years old trees with only mechanic processing, offered for sale in TA-ZE stores and on-line in shopping web site. Taris Olive and Olive Oil Union Chairman Mr. Cahit Çetin mentioned in a press conference arranged for promotion of Centuries-Old Olive oil that they have gained 650kgs this year and for the next year they would gain and increase the quantity from this this olive oil also supplying from trees in South Region.

Mr.Cahit Çetin continued, “Olive Oil Trees’ most important feature is immortality. Olive tress is the first tree in all. Trees, which Jesus Christ rested under their shadow, are still giving fruit. It’s known that there are people in Jerusalem still consuming these olive trees oil. This means olive trees are living more than 2000 years and still alive. Mr. Cahit Çetin continued, “As being Taris Olive and Olive Oil Union we be the first and with pioneering we gained this product in our range in this sector. We meet the consumers with these life offering trees products which are the witnesses of birth to sultans, French revolution, World wars, our national liberation war and still standing tall. Consumers who bought these products will feel exclusive themselves. To know trees who are the witnesses of 350  ear that will be alive in the future to witness a lot of things, will make people that consume this olive oil to have different feelings. This product will be a bridge with the past and the future. Product will meet with consumers under the name “Centuries-Old”, could be purchased from the Tariş stores in İzmir, İstanbul and Ankara and could be ordered from www.ta-ze.com.tr online web site.

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