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Chios Mastiha, a Nutritional Greek Food Good For Health

The uniqueness of Chios Mastiha is to be attributed to the global exclusiveness of its natal site, to its exceptional therapeutic properties and its rare aroma, which made mastiha very popular already since ancient times as a product contributing greatly to good health. Its uniqueness is enhanced by its multiple uses and the fact that it became very popular and an integral part of the culture of different peoples and cultures, particularly in the region of Eastern Mediterranean. Mastiha is the resin that flows from the trunk and the brunches of the mastic tree. It looks like a tear coming out of the tree scores and falls in drops into the soil. When the flow of mastiha is constant, the resin “tear” is large and relatively soft, while a non-continuous flow gives a small but harder “tear” of resin. Based on the resin flow, there are three mastiha types: “Large”, “Medium” and “Small”. Chios Mastiha has been designated as a PDO product since 1997.

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