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Continuing the Firsts both In Turkey and the World

Elvan Group, who founded the first R&D for its sector, is continuing to develop goods and services that are first bot in Turkey and the world. Elvan, who produced the first packaged waffle in Turkey and brought a new category to the sector with Fondante, is actualizing firsts in the world with its social responsibility projects.

Elvan Group, made a name for itself with their facility in Eskisehir which produces the biggest croissants on the single-track last year, bought Balaban Gıda in October 2014 and increased its capacity 200% in less than a year with the 3 new facilities that are opened. Elvan Group, who produces first time goods for Turkey as well as increasing the productivity of existing lines, is continuing to open up new categories in the sector.

Waffle became a Turkish product

Waffle which received the appreciation of the youth in recent years became a domestic product with Elvan. Waffle which has been imported from Europe up until recently is being produced in Turkey now with Elvan Group. Elvan Group President Hidayet Kadiroğlu, who states that they opened the first waffle facility in Turkey in Sakarya and produced with the name ‘Today Waffle’, opened the gates of the first waffle producing facility to the media.

Fondante is a first in Turkey too…

Hidayet Kadiroğlu, who stated that they opened 3 new facilities in Sakarya with 30 million dollar investment, said that: “ We are producing waffle in our first facility. In second facility we are producing complimentary goods under the name Fondante, which is a first too. Fondante, actually, is neither candy nor chocolate, it is reformer taste. We call this product both cady and chocolate. Fondante, which has both milk and caramel options, first entered the racks in 2015 Ramadan Holiday. In the third facility that we equipped with the latest technology, we produce wafer.”

In the list of ‘the biggest’ Elvan moved up a league

Elvan who moved up 10 steps in the Global 100 list that grades the biggest confectionery companies in the world, and became 71st, is also continuing its rise in Turkey.  Elvan Group, who is one of the biggest names in confectionery industry, drew attention with its leap  in the first 500 biggest industrial enterprises list. Previous year Elvan was 41st in the second 500 list and moved up 243 steps according to 2014 data, it moved up a league and became 298th in the first 500 list.


The Elvan Family is ready!…

Hidayet KADİROĞLU /Chairman of the Elvan Group  If you remember, the growth numbers have been revised in the downside as arising from the fluctuations in the global markets and internal dynamics from the second quarter of the year of 2014. Exactly in such process, we purchased the Balaban Gıda (Balaban Food) in the October 2014. Everybody from domestic market and at abroad was looking at us and what we would do was wondered. Thanks to God that before the ending of 1 year and in spite of all global-national negativities, we did a good job all together. We operated the current facilities more effectively with additional investment of approximately 30 million dollars and we increased the capacity at the levels of 200 percent and for Turkey, we established 3 new facilities. By this way, the waffle which is the Belgium-Netherlands classics became local food. In the first half of 2015, we realized the first packaged waffle production of Turkey. Again, in the first half, we produced the first Fondante which is defined as “Neither candy nor chocolate: Both candy and chocolate”. With the innovative products, we gave new expansions to the sector in Turkey and world.

In the wafer, we established the new generation facility of Turkey. We became demanding in the wafer with the brand of Today Wafer. We activated the second tower in the Cici Süt Manisa facilities, and we doubled the capacity. We completed the Cici Süt’s Balıkesir facilities and it is starting the production. Our investments in the world also are continuing without stopping. Our Egypt facilities started the production, and the India factory construction is about to be completed …

We increased the brand investment budget for approximately 20 times in the year of 2015. As appropriate to the consumer oriented marketing understanding, in addition to the investments to its own original brands, we made license agreements with the worldwide popular characters and we focused on the projects that will strengthen the brand perception. We will see the reflection of these in the following period and we will see them altogether.

Together with this, we are going to the happy end in the meetings of the brand purchasing from abroad. For giving better services to our customers, we opened office also in the South Africa after Romania, Iraq and Egypt. The preparations are continuing for Saudi Arabia … Okay, in spite of such negativities happened in the world and Turkey, why are we continuing to the production and brand investment without stopping and even by increasing it more? Its reason is very clear: You know that the chance takes sides with the one being ready for the game. And we are ready for the new period’s market. Now, it is time to score goals …



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