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A dependable supplier of cornflakes and cereals: Mepal Food

Founded in 2006 in Gaziantep, Mepal Food company heading to be a major supplier of food products based on cereals and corns.

The company has a good accumulation of experience, energy, eagerness and dynamism needed for success in business. Presently the company has focused on the production of cornflakes, riseflakes and similar products and on the expanding its customer base in various food categories.

Mepal company has a good list of industrial buyers in hospitality industry, including many accounts in holiday villages, hotels and small businesses in the sector. It supplies them with roasted cereals, cornflakes, and riseflakes for chocolate producers. The company also has an experienced staff that work systematically and hygienically in all stages of production process.

As is known, the breakfast is the most important element of a healthier diet. It helps to improve concentration, to speed up the metabolism and thus it is the most important meal of the day for both health and success in school and in work. However, preparing a standard breakfast takes time and energy. As an alternative, a breakfast made with cereals accompanied by either milk, yogurt or juices may be the most practical solution for the people who have no time for an amenable breakfast.

Cereals and cornflakes can also be consumed in mid-day accompanied and enriched by nuts, and dried fruits.

Riseflakes is a product made on the extrusion machinery by utilizing instant pressure changes. They are used as basic core for the production of chocolate-coated products.

New life styles and changing habits of the people contributes the growing demand for cornflakes and cereals. These products contains sufficient amount of carbon-hydrates, proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals and has less fat in it. They are ideal for a balanced diet needed for health. They are important for immune system as well as other benefits for the people of all ages.

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