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Ergıda, an expert in food

Main products of the company are millefeuille dough, pievarieties, types of pizza, potatoes, ravioli, fish, all kinds of vegetables and fruits in the food in dustry and many others in different in dustries.

Founded in 1997 Ergıda is one of the most serious frozen food factories of Turkey. It is a member of the Ermetal Group of Companies and has nearly 1700 employees. The company is active in manufacturing of office furniture, automotive, mold and plastic sectors in addition to the food sector. The most fundamental characteristic of the company is to be a company having a flexible production structure and spirit of R&D. Ergıda has been providing service in all areas of the frozen food. “We are ready to do all kinds of the experiment works concerning the desired products outside of our standard floury products. Moreover, we can handle all kinds of vegetables.

Our company which also supplies frozen french fries and apple sliced potatoes, has all kinds of packaging possibilities,” says an official of the company. “Our company responding from the packaging of markettype products (small) to all until industrial packaging (big), can also produce with your brand such as manufactured with own brand products. Our company is the supplier of some worldwide companies such as McDonald’s, Unilever, Knorr, Metro, Real, Carrefour Dia, etc. The main products are the mille feuille dough, pie varieties, types of pizza, potatoes, ravioli, fish, all kinds of vegetables and fruits. Moreover, we also have dried ravioli and noodles differently from the frozen food.”

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