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Halal movement and certificates gained momentum at CNR Expo

Exhibiting a wide range of products from food to cosmetics, from medicals to ready-maded ressings, Istanbul Halal Expo Fair washeld and was opened by Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc who said , “Halal is gaining momentum in Turkey like in Malaysia .”

Organized by Sine Fairs and CNR Expo Fairs cooperation, and supported by Gimdes, the association of food inspection and certification, the fair is playing a key role in the popularity of halal topics and applications in the country. Cem Senel, CEO of CNR holding said that 20 thousands of professionals visited the fair that was participated by about 200 brands and companies. Dr. Huseyin Kamil Buyukozer, chairman of Gimdes, said, “We got the fruits of our thirty years of efforts, the certification market is expanding.”

Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said in his opening speech that this movement should be started already in a country that has a population of 75 million, most of whom are Muslims. By emphasizing the importance of certification of halal, he said, “A test center was established in Bursa for the automotive industry, and this saved us about 1 billion in the country. It shows the importance of certification. Islamic Cooperation Organization that has currently 57 member countries is not sufficient in this regard. Gimdes and similar organizations should be supported. Halal sector will contribute to the exports and employment in the country. Since we sell our products not only in western but also in eastern, middle East, Asia and the USA, halal certificates will play great part in future developments.”

About 20 thousands professionals visited the fair where about 200 brands exhibited their halal goods and procedures. The halal market is composed of about 2 billion people in the world. Iran and Indonesia have participated in the event with national pavilions, besides others coming from Malaysia, Holland, China and South Korea. Dr. Buyukozer of Gimdes said, “Malaysians were the pioneer in this movement. We learned halal standards from them. However we have developed our own standards. We started a new trend in Turkey. There are about 5 thousand halal certified products in Turkey. Brands and companies from South Korea and Russia even get certificates from Turkish organizations. We got 14 percent in total potential in the sector. When supported by governments we provide halal products for 2 billion Muslims in the world.”

The fair has been held for the forth time in Istanbul between 5 to 8 September 2013 at CNR Expo venue. Several conferences and professional meeting were organized in the fair, and products, business opportunities, problems and successful applications were discussed.

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