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From the heart of olive to the world

On the way to be a rule setter in olive exports from Turkey, AD Tarim has an olive stocking and processing capacity of ten thousand tons

Gemlik is the symbol of olive in Turkey. One of the most delicious olives in the world, Gemlik is regarded as the heart of olive in Turkey. Established two years ago, AD Tarim produces every variety of olives. Merve Demirel, AD Tarim export manager, says, “We produce the blessed gift by showing our respect to humans and the environment.” She informed us about her company and activities:

History of the company

AD Tarim is established in 2012 in Bursa-Orhangazi on a 46.000 m2 land of which 12.000 m2 out of it is closed. Our establishment that started operating by the end of 2013, has storage, processing and packaging facilities on its own and on the whole is established to handle 10.000 tons storage, 20.000 tons/year packaging capacity. Also our company possesses ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and Halal Food Certificates. Gemlik is the region that gives its name to the highest quality table olives. Olives collected from Gemlik and other regions are delivered to our facilities and they are put to a natural fermentation process (maturation) in CTP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyesters) tanks which are approved by World Health Organization and have food certificate of conformity. Owing to modern technologies and processing techniques that we use in our facility, our products are sanitary, of high quality and healthy and they are presented to consumers with guarantee of quality. We are a genuine olive manufacturer firm with our product continuity, with our high capacity of storage and processing and we give particular importance to environmental awareness.Our target is to be a firm that “sets the rules” in Turkey’s olive sector which involves the purchasing, processing and delivering to end user.f49

On olive business in Bursa

Almost all deep-rooted families have their own olive producer. They do not buy it from retail. However, smaller depots and factories processing olive do not conform to hygienic standards. So we emphasize on our health and hygiene in olives. 80 % of olives are sold in bulk in Turkey. Packaged goods are important because they are really hygienic. We employ ecology consultants they maintain and control our operations weekly. We established a wastage treatment facility and probably this is the most hygienic one.

On exports and fairs

Our products are exported under Dali brand. We export mainly to Germany and other European countries. Russia, Cyprus and the countries in the Middle East, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan are our new markets for exports.

On promotional activities

2014 was a year of promotion for our company. We began to participate in the fairs, with World Food 2014 that was held in Istanbul. We got many promising feedbacks. We planned to participate in Sial and Anuga fairs. We make 100 % natural fermentation on Gemlik olives. This is the most important point that differentiates us from other companies. We are very keen on hygiene, quality and packaging issues in olive processing and marketing.f50

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