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Ikbal Sekerleme leads the way in hundreds of food products

Ikbal Sekerleme Food Company was established in Afyonkarahisar in 1991. As the date of 2013, the new production facility of the company has been built on a covered area of 5,800 m2 on an open area of 15,000 m2. With these numbers it is a model for Turkish delight manufacturers. The main products of Ikbal are Turkish delight, floss halva, palace halva, carrot paste and gourmet nuts baskets. Except these Ikbal produces more than 100 kinds of delights. The company has been one of the biggest leaders in its field. “We have a wide customer range not only in Turkey but also abroad. Ikbal Sekerleme is an expert on Turkish delight. We mainly export our goods to United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, England, America, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Ukrain, Canada, China, South Korea, Kuwait, Qatar, Latvia, Poland and Estonia. We support our customers and back their up in every step and make feel we are a big family,” says an official of the company and adds, “As Ikbal Sekerleme, we never compromise on our quality and hygiene. Our production standards are well documented by international quality institutes. We are audited by auditors periodically.” “We never use additives and glucose in our products. Our all raw materials included packages & outer cases are certificated and never bad affects on human health,” the official explains. “Ikbal Sekerleme strives for excellence in production and service with a focus on “People” and “Society”, puts food safety at the forefront of production and services, adopts the principle of innovation and changes to constantly improve our operations, acts according to legal regulations, works ethics and moral values in society at all times, respects for human health and quality of life, trusts that to invest in people is to invest in our brand and the future of our country and also makes an effort for acting on trueness and honesty. Our target is to announce Ikbal Sekerleme all over the world and expand our customer range.”


Ikbal Food & Restaurant

Ikbal started to meat production especially sausage and pastrami in meat production facility by retaining traditional taste in the early 1990. Its production facility has a capacity of producing all type of meat products. Ikbal continues services with franchising system in the culinary sector. Combining traditional Anatolia tastes with its restaurants of chain Ikbal continues to gain ground to be the leader brand. The company has restaurants in the Central Anatolia Region, Marmara Region, Aegean Region, Mediterranean Region and Black Sea Region. Ikbal aims to raise the number of franchising restaurants


Ikbal Thermal Hotel & Spa

Located in the tourism district and on the 9th km. of Afyon – Izmir highway on a plot of 115,000 m2 a choice of 286 rooms and a capacity of 860 people with additional bedding includes an open-air shopping and activity center. Ikbal Thermal Hotel & Spa has multi-purpose meeting rooms, thermal, spa and wellness center.

Afium Outlet and Entertainment Center

Afium is the only open-air shopping center started to serve in August 2010 in Afyonkarahisar. It was built on 75,000 m2 area. It hosts a lot of famous brands in this area. It excites attention not only local residents but also passengers thanks to its place.


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