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International dialogue and cooperation started in the starch industry

International Starch Associations, founded jointly by national associations representing the starch producing companies in USA, Turkey, Europe, Mexico, Russia and China, the Federation (IFS) started to act. Starch Manufacturers Association of Turkey (Nisadmin) represented by the International Federation of Starch, aims to provide international dialogue and cooperation between unions, associations and unions.

International Federation of Starch Associations (IFSA), established to promote strong dialogue and coordination in the world starch industry and to develop common policies, will primarily focus on communication efforts related to health and nutrition issues, workplace safety, sustainability, product safety and environmental relations, and the benefits of starch-based products. IFSA also aims to act as a single voice in communication for international stakeholders such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and CODEX.

İsmail Kemaloglu, Secretary General of NİSAD, who made statements regarding the establishment of IFSA, said, “With IFSA, we are one of the founding members of IFSA, to follow developments in our sector, to see human-centered issues in the world such as health, environment and nutrition, to follow international opportunities more closely and to add value to our country. We aim to take the steps that may be possible in our industry.”

While emphasizing on the dynamism of starch industry in Turkey and corns in the world, Kemaloglu said, “The formations of the world’s innovations through technological and innovation-based business development of sectoral partnerships, human health, such as nutrition and the environment, we hope to evaluate the industry on behalf of the international dimension of the areas we take very seriously. NISAD, gathering all the starch industrialists in our country under one roof, will also try to provide the best service to the sector and our country by strengthening their relations with national and international associations.”

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