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Intersweet, a champion in exports


 A company of Elvan Group, Intersweet foreign trade was awarded by Istanbul Association of Exporters and runs for one billion dollars level.

Established in 2013, Intersweet company was declared a champion of exports in its field with its 128 million dollars of exports in 2015. General Manager Davut Kaya says, “If it is sustainable it is a real success. The result we got in 2015 as a leader in the sector proves that our success is not by chance. Though we founded recently, we have the 64 years of production experience of our Elvan Group of companies.”

The award was presented to the company by Zekeriya Mete, chairman of Istanbul Association of Exporters. Davut Kaya, general manager, said, “Elvan Group, that hosts us now has about 800 varieties in its product portfolio, from chocolate to wafers, from sugar to jelly, from cake to croissants and biscuits. We export them to 130 countries. Our target for exports in 2023  is to reach 1 billion dollars level. This may be realized earlier than that thanks to the recent buy-outs both from domestic and foreign markets.

We opened offices in several countries including Egypt, Iraq, Rumania, South Africa and Saudi Arabia to get closer to our buyers and emphasized on our marketing efforts. Recently, Elvan Group has established a production facility in Egypt and the investment in India is going on. We aim to increase both our investments and sales in export markets.”


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