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Keskinoğlu; nickname of the poultry industry

As one of the most respectful brands in the poultry industry Keskinoğlu has been producing chicken meat, eggs, pullet & breeding products, egg trays, olive oil products, organic fertilizers, organic products and medical products.

The company aims at establishing, developing and sustaining long-term positive relationships with its customers, suppliers, staff and all other stakeholders. To this end, Keskinoğlu makes every effort to offer the healthiest, most consistent product offerings to its customers allied to a superior service provision.  Mr. Keskin Keskinoğlu, member of the board and marketing group chairman answered our question in an interview we conducted to get the details of the success story of Keskinoğlu Company. Full text of the interview follows:

You are participating in Gulfood. Which products will you display at this important show?

We will showcase varieties of cooked and uncooked chicken, and Ravika brand olive oil.

What is your position in the white meat, egg and olive oil sector? Could you detail us about the superiorities of Keskinoğlu and Ravika brands?

We are the third largest producer in the chicken meat in Turkey but we are the leader in exports. We realize 10% of Turkey’s total chicken meat exports. When it comes to retailing egg market we have prominent place with 72% in the market. We realize 7% of Turkey’s total packaged olive oil exports. We are not only representing our own brand but the country in the markets we export. We have been organizing regular events at this regard. The most important factor at this process is, of course, to be transparent and open at product quality and production process. Some countries watch our production through the cameras placed at our production plants. It is also another important fact to be preferred that we are a Turkish brand making halal production. The recent years witnessed and recorded a great deal of reliability, trustworthiness sympathy increase for Turkey. We have been using Turkish flag at our product packaging for many years.

What are the superiorities of Turkish chicken meat, egg and olive oil industry?

The most important superiority of Turkey at this regard is having newly established production plants. The poultry industry started towards the end of 1960s and the investments for this industry are constantly on the increase for 30 years. This makes us use the latest technologies of the world. Turkey is an agricultural country producing natural and healthy feeds which increases product quality very much. Turkey is now one of the top-ten producers in both, chicken production and egg production capacities.

We are world level in terms of quality at competition in olive oil but our costs are higher. Turkey has only recently started to plan olive tree plantation. Until recently there would be damages on trees during harvest and this loss would be reflected on the harvest of the following year. We have started to develop more professional approaches at this regard. The potential of our country in global market is very high, however, we have to build up brands and packaging to use that potential properly.

Do you have exports to the Gulf Countries? Which product do you export most?

We are exporting whole and piece chicken varieties, cooked and uncooked, also sausages, nuggets, meatballs, etc., and eggs and olive oils to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Oman and Iran.

Can you brief about your exports in general?

W realized an export volume of USD 88 million in 2014 and we target to increase it up to USD 100 million in the current year.

What other fairs will you participate in this year?

We will be at Anuga fair in Germany and Prodexpo in Russia. We will also be at many domestic and international shows in Turkey.

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