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MADO opens branches in Dubai and Beirut


Turkey’s strong ice cream brand MADO contitnues to expand worldwide. MADO extended its business in Gulf countries and opened branches in Dubai and in Beirut. MADO’s Chairman of the Board of Directors Mehmet Said Kanbur announced that MADO would continue to expand and aimed to be a Turkish brand worldwide.



MADO opened two big branches in Dubai and Beirut to spread Turkish flavors to the world. MADO’s Chairman of Board of Directors Mehmet Said Kanbur declared that they received so many tenders to franchise and that they evaluated the proper tenders and actualise them.


Kanbur declares that they have opened the branches in Dubai and Beirut lastly, and also started their growth in Thesselonike with two branches gathered under the same roof of MADO Europe. Kanbur highlighted the traceries and formal procedures about branches in Thesselonike:


“Ice cream is a worldwide food. Today, as MADO –honour of the Anatolia and Turkey, we want to spread the additive-free, natural and healthy ice cream to the world. As well as ice cream, we cant to spread Anatolian cuisine, differ by regional variations.   The world should not miss out this taste.  We follow up practices of our businessman friends. We will make Turkish people proud with our new branches in abroad and also we will make a great contribution to our country’s exportation. All of the costs of the products, will bring in our national economy.  And also we will represent our country in the most delicious way.”


MADO’s Beirut branch is opened in Hamza Street,  the most valuable streets of the city, in a 800 squaremeter store. Dubai branch is opened in the world famous Jumeriah Street, in a 2500 squaremeter store.


Kanbur declares that the both opening grow great interest and also in a short span of time, they will share news from far corners of the globe. Kanbur said that, they already have 304 MADO branches in 54 city in Turkey and will have 325 branches until the end of 2016. Also they already have 24 branches in 12 countries and aim to have 300 branches in 5 years.

Currently, MADO meet its customers with Anatolian tastes in 304 branches in 52 cities in Turkey and 24 branches in 12 countries.


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