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Musiad’s China office serves the members

Doing Business in China was the topic of new country new market meeting that held monthly by Bursa branch of Musiad. Can Ziplar, Musiad’s representative in China, informed participants about the critical aspects of doing business with Chinese trade partners.

While opening the meeting, Hasan Cepni, head of Bursa branch of Musiad, emphasized on the size of this giant market. He said, “Instead of scaring of this country that has an export volume of 2.2 trillion dollars we have to be interested in investment opportunities and to do business with them. We also know that there is a great market potential for Turkish agricultural products in Chine. We should seize all the opportunities in this great market.”

He pointed out the importance of having an office stationed in China where the people in the office are ready to serve to members 7/24. Following his opening remarks, he presented the keynote speaker of the meeting Can Ziplar, Musiad’s representative in China who had been living in China for two decades. Excerpts from Ziplar’s presentation was as follows:

On the importance of factory visits of trade partners in China

“Before signing any business deal with companies that you think they are great companies by observing their factory photos in fairs, in their catalogues, expert talks, offering attractive price quotes, that you have been met in China or in other countries, you certainly have to visit personally to their factories, facilities and premises. And keep a close eye on their all aspects, including their production processes, machinery, equipment, capacities, workers, productions, test equipment, quality control teams, packaging, warehouses, stocks before delivery, the packages (are they real) and even the authenticity of logistics signs and labels on the packs of the products destined to certain countries.”

On recording the bilateral talks

“A document written and signed by both sides of the meeting prepared in a common language is like an insurance against all possible problems in between. A document that details points of agreement will be very crucial in the case of disagreements and conflicts. Each point should be clearly written down, every price offered, every details agreed, probable faults in the products, special demands and conditions, picture, drawings or photos of the products proposed, the date and venue of the meeting, all should be written down and be signed by both sides. This document can save you from any harm or problem that may be a subject to any court case in the future.”

On the importance of having a translator in negotiations

“ Having a translator on your side is a must in your business dealings. Getting orders from greater companies is extremely difficult. Probably staff of the producer companies will talk the same language as you do. You may reach an agreement with them easily. However, if you have a special translator or advisor among your team, and if you can keep this secret from your interlocutor you get an advantage over them. Chinese talks that they make among themselves on the issues and prices you consider may be valuable clues for further negotiations. In my personal experiences in this country, many a great companies plan their talks with their prospects well ahead of the meetings and they follow the rules of impressive sales negotiation successfully.”

On the importance of not paying in cash

“In any case, you should not pay in cash when dealing with Chinese. All your payments should be sent to the bank account of the company mentioned in their invoices or in the sales contracts. Payments that you may have made into the personal accounts of the company owners or staff or any cash money given directly are not legal, and they may change the cost of product declared on official documents. In case of any conflict you may have lost all your legal rights and the end.”

At the end of the presentation, a Q&A session was held and Hasan Cepni presented a plaque of gratitude to Can Ziplar.

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