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Do not neglect pasta to eat healthy

Turkey’s half-century global brand Oba Makarna has become the largest company in the pasta industry in terms of production and sales capacity.

kıs soslu makarnaPasta is almost indispensable for all families; it is prepared easily and eaten with joy. It turns into a great-looking main course by being garnished easily and it ranks in the food list that is favorite of every person ranging from youngsters to elders. Moreover, unless you turn your plate into calorie feast it is very helpful in your healthy diet and it stands out as one of the foods preferred even when losing weight. Turkey’s half-century global brand OBA Makarna shares its healthy pasta recipes for food lovers.

Pasta is among the foods that are preferred most in almost every cuisine around the world, it is easy to cook; fun to garnish and highly enjoyable to eat. It is delicious and contrary to popular belief it is not one of the foods supporting the belief of “Every delicious food is unhealthy”. If you pay attention to calories and fat content, pasta can be an indispensable part of your healthy diet or weight-loss process. Turkey’s half-century brand OBA Makarna shares its healthy pasta recipes for food lovers.

Pay attention to the size of your servings
To prepare a healthy meal, first choose the kind of pasta to be used and pay attention to size of your servings keeping in mind that 100 grams of pasta contains 369 calories and 12.5 grams of protein.

Garnish your pasta with vegetables
After determining your serving depending on your daily caloric distribution, you can add garlic, bay leaf, basil, various spices, tarragon, dill, coriander or onion to boiling water in order to have the desired scent and taste or you can garnish your pasta with vegetables such as dried tomato, spinach, onions , peppers, zucchini, eggplant, peas, mushroom and make your meal more colorful and nutritious.

Take advantage of lean protein
If you are one of those who prefer to eat protein, you can add lean protein to your turn pasta into a fabulous main course. For instance, you can slice the skinless chicken; cook it on the grill; put it into oven or saute it then pour over your pasta.

Do not turn the pasta sauce into calorie feast 
If you are going to use prepared sauce in your pasta, do not forget to check the calorie and fat content or prefer to prepare your own sauce. Grate the tomatoes; add basil, fresh herbs such as thyme and cook it. If you do not like pasta with tomato sauce, you can create your own sauce with some olive oil, garlic, spices, chicken broth and mashed pepper.

The most important actor in the world pasta market is Obama Makarna
OBA Makarna established in Gaziantep in 1966, was purchased by Özgüçlü Family in 2005 and continued to play a leading role in Turkey’s pasta industry. After investments made to brand and factory, it has been making production oba_2in facilities with an open area of 110.000 m2 and a closed area of 65.000 m2in Gaziantep 4thOrganized Industrial Area with the latest world standards.

Following the investments with the amount of 50,000,000 Euro in 2010 and 2012, OBA Makarna became the largest company in the industry in terms of production and sales capacity. The brand performing 75 percent of its production as export and 25 percent of production as domestic market sale operates in 80 countries today; it competes with largest producers in the world such as Italy, Spain, France.

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