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Olivepier®, natural taste of Aegean !

Olive oil history is dating back to about 6000 years ago in Anatolia.

Olive, as native plant of the Mediterranean Basin, is produced “regionally” but consumed “globally. While the year-by year enhanced consumption of olive oil in the developed countries as well as the others such as Russia, China, India, increased the globally demand for olive oil.

Unfortunately olive oil is one of the most frequently adulterated food products in the world. Many olive oil scams involve straightforward mixing of low-grade vegetable oils, flavored and colored with plant extracts. These cases are the reason for an unfair competition particularly on pricing. According to the UC Davis Olive Center study in 2010 and 2011 that most imported extra virgin olive oil does not meet IOC sensory standards in USA.

Olive oil’s taste and aroma are a direct result of the soil, climate conditions, type of tree, quality of olives as well as olive extraction techniques and subsequent storage conditions.

Therefore it is difficult to keep consistent certain level of high quality standards for agro products such as olive oil. In order to add a remarkable value to your business through olive oil brands, one must consider the above arguments.

Olivepier is a natural and organic extra virgin and virgin olive oil company in Turkey. “ olivepier “ team is one of the most experienced teams in natural and organic olive oil business in Turkey who have implemented firsts both national and international projects. “ olivepier “, which is an established brand in Turkish market, mainly focused in natural, and organic extra virgin olive oil production, sales, and marketing, and is also market leader of organic extra virgin olive oil segment in Turkey according to Nielsen Report. The brand is being sold throughout the national and international grocery supermarket retail chains in Turkey, Germany, China and USA. All of the processes at ” olivepier “, from production to storage, product sustainability to cost effectiveness, packaging to waste management, employee training to customer satisfaction are monitored and certified by internationally accredited world-class certification assurance companies. “ olivepier “ has earned A+, the highest BRC certificate. In addition to that the brand also has USDA Organic, ICEA, ICEA JAS, European Union, Kosher, and Helal certificates. The facility of olivepier has 20,000 sqm and houses a state of the art laboratory, an automated and a pressurized stainless steel storage park, and efficient and precise world class filling lines along with 15,000-tons/year capacities. “ olivepier “ Laboratory is one of the 26 Chemical Testing Laboratories in the world, recognized by International Olive Oil Council. “olivepier” Is a registered trademark of “zeytiniskelesi”.

“ Olivepier “ Is obtained from unmatched Aegean olives, is a first cold pressed Extra Virgin olive oil, a rich source of Vitamin E, and remain fresh and delicious year round because the advanced bottle that protects the olive oil from exposure to light and contact with oxygen, making every bottle of olive oil taste like the day it was pressed. State-of-the-art production technology enables the brand to keep consistent high product quality as an agro-product for its consumers.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Only olives grooving far from industrial and highway pollution, free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and harvested using human, not mechanical, labor earn the distinguished title of being organic. It is recommended that this purest form of olive oil to families with babies as it is a source of nourishment closest to mother’s milk. Organic olive oil is also ideal for adults with highly discerning taste and value for their health.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Flawless olive oil with low acidity (0.8%) is a rich source of vitamin E. In a dark tinted glass bottle preventing exposure to sunlight and contact with oxygen. Ideal for all dishes, breakfasts, salads and sauces!

Virgin Olive Oil

It is a clear and pure olive oil with a maximum acidity of 2.0% with full vitamin content and rich aroma. It is an ideal choice for cold and warm dishes as well as wholesome, delicious and light fried vegetables.

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