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Orkide increases market share in oil exports

Orkide oil, a company of Kucukbay Co. Inc. accounts one forth of Turkeys sunflower oil exports with its quality and increasing investments.

Ahmet Kucukbay, chairman of Kucukbay company said that the current year was a good period to increase their volume of exports and targeted to reach 70 thousand tons. He said, “Besides having high level of social and cultural values our country is one of the most powerful economies in the world. Our company, too, is expanding its activities and contributions to this high potential national economy and investing more in this direction. Vegetable oil production is our major field of business. The industry supplies one of the most basic inputs to the quality of life all over the world. We keep expanding our coverage in our markets. In one of our companies, namely Reka Vegetable oil company in Tekirdag, we have the most modern production facility of Europe. Backed by our success in the past and new investments our share in export markets will be more in the future.”


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