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Products in Europe

What kind of standards do you put when you connecting importers and exporters?

The suppliers, producers selected within leading facilities. We first make our own facility tour and meet all production team, owner and manager… to understand the quality and business mentality of the company. You may have all certificates from A Grade but sometimes it doesn’t mean that factory produce right quality, gives the right service or sharing your business concept. Of course the certifications such as BRC, IFS and ISO 22000 should be taken by the facilities as it is a must on today’s international trade. We must trust first to the facility and then we can offer the products to global partners.

What types of products are demanded most?

We are offering dried fruits, olive oil, hazelnut oil, frozen fresh fruits, fruit jams, industrial fruit peels/pieces.

We are creating a market for all of these items and always looking for new customers. Our target is growing together with all the brands that we represent. Each product has a demand and it is important to make buyers sell these items more by explaining them different usages and benefits of each product and to make producers improve their production techniques, packaging alternatives.

Brokerage is more common in Europe. How is its development in Turkey?

Food brokers are more common in Europe but it is also developing in Turkey. Most important point is to deal with the right products that you have experience and connections. If not it will be an adventure. There are now serious food brokers in Turkey and do their job very well.

Doraintrade is also targeting to be a brand within the food brokers. We made our business plan before giving start to the company; we put the targets and created our corporate identity with our logo, web page, profile.

We see all our business partners as also a member of Doraintrade and we respect on our company first in order members feel confidence with us. Trust in our global connection.

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