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SETBIR at the service of food industrialists

Established in 1976 to develop the dairy and meat sector and related industries, Union of  Dairy, Beef, Food industrialists and Producers (SETBIR) has been supporting the sector.

SETBIR is a non-profıt organization headquartered in Ankara, which aims to develop dairy, meat and food industry and to support food-processing industry to reach European Union standards.

SETBIR also aims to raise the livestock industry to reach the level of global agricultura and livestock sector. By connecting the sector with government SETBIR assumes the task to furnish the government about the needs to improve the sector and to support the industry. Therefore, the Union functions as a bridge for exchange of information.

The most important work topics of SETBIR are; raw materia, food safety and informal production.

SETBIR’s Mission; 

To follow the EU poicy and regulations about meat and dairy sector and work to adapt these for the Turkish meat and dairy sectors,

* To make the Turkish meat and dairy sector known in overseas platforms.

* To inform Turkish meat and dairy producers about the new EU regulations for them to adapt.

* To collect information about meat and dairy sectors around the world and Turkey, SETBIR is an association established in 1976 to develop the dairy and meat sector and related industry,

Who are the members of SETBIR?

The members of SETBR are dairy and meat enterprises who work in national and international  level.

SETBIR has two types of members, legal entities or real persons. The enterprises can have one or more members in SETBIR. The management of SETBIR includes one president, fourvice presidents, 8 board members and a secretary general and 120 members representing 65 enterprises.

General Meeting

The highest resolution committee which represents and observers all members is the general meeting. It assembles biannualy for elections and once in a year for work plans, strategy policies and finance works.

Management Board

The Management Board is the executive organ of the Union which is made from 13 members in the management level. The board is the main organ of SETBIR. Every two months it makes meetings and determines SETBIR’s aims, priorities and strategic orientations and offers recommendations. In order to prepare long – term vision, it develops ideas and suggestions . It prepares proposals to be approved in the General Assembly,

Office of Secretary General

Office of Secretary General is the driving force of the Union, it follows all regulations, points out the current issues about meat and dairy, follows all changes in EU and World Regulations and shares all this knowledge with members. It joins to the meetings on behaf of SETBIR members and presents SETBIR’s opinions. It is also invoved in EU Projects by its expert staff.

Science Board and Advisory Board

Corning from different universities of Turkey SETBIR Science Board consists of the scientists who are specialized in meat and dairy sciences. If some information is needed about meat and dairy sciences, this Board provides it and performs the vision of SETBIR.

The Advantages of Being A SETBIR Member

*  SETBIR follows all changes in the EU egisation about meat and dairy and shares them with its members.

*  In the regulation preparations in the Turkish Food Codex, SETBIR attends the regulation preparation meetings about meat and dairy and presents SETBIR’s members opinions in order to provide sectoria benefits.

*  It guides industriaists of milk and mik products and meat and meat products in economical, social, technical and professional aspects,

*  SETBIR maintains an atmosphere that the ideas are shared non-competitively. It prevents unfair competition between and/or against its members. It protects common interests of its members and maintains cooperation between its members,

*  It maintains demand for the increasing production and suppy and tries to increase export opportunities.

* It supports the development ofl  Turkish livestock farming and the development of qualified and competitive products in world markets.

SETBIR’s major strategies are to work for telling the work principles of production standards to save consumer rights to proper authorities.

SETBIR is a member of CLITRAVI and UECBV since 2006. It is also a member of a consortium which includes 10 European countries working for projects about food. It is also a member of  Turkish National Milk Council, Turkish National Red Meat Council and Federation of  Food and Drink Industry Associations of Turkey.

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