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Seyidoglu, introduces Ottoman Sweets to Britons

Seyidoglu, a traditional sweet producer started to produce excellent sweeties, including summer halvah, gullac and other cake alternatives made of walnut, almond, fruity flavor besides low calorie and fruit enriched preserves.

While pointing out the decline of sales, Mehmet Goksu, general manager of Seyidoglu, says, “We try to have them consumed more sweet by increasing rate of fruits up to 45 percent in preserves and reducing the amount of sugar in our products. Enriched by fruits and walnuts the halva market is expected to rise. We produce our preserve upon the recipes of our foremothers without compromising on the traditional tastes. We made them love our traditional preserves and halvahs in English market. Annually about 2 million dollars worth of Seyidoglu products are sold in the leading supermarkets.

“Recently we started to deliver for Russia and Jordanian markets, and increased our value added, R&D backed innovative product that we supplied in 15 countries. We reinvigorate the market for traditional Ottoman preserves by producing newer kinds. The preserve we developed from dried fig has been ranked at second place after sour cherry preserve. Our fig based preserves are served to customers in restaurants in Libya, Algeria, Jordan and other countries. For youth we developed rich fruit essence and lesser calorie havla varieties. For kids we use Pepee character to make them love tahin, a special food made of sesame seeds, and grape molasses. Thanks to this special mascot, our sales increased 30 percent.”

“We also produce for other brands besides Seyidoglu brand in our factory in Hadimkoy, Istanbul, including Sultanbaci, Seysu and Cokomiss. Our daily capacity for halva was 150 kg. in the 1990’s. Now we are able to process 25 tons halva, 20 tons tahin, 40 tons preserve and 10 tons of hazelnut cream. We decided to increase our capacity even more. On our 2 thousandsqm- land we are constructing a factory where we will produce 400 varieties of products, adding 50 new products to our existing line. Number of employee will reach 500 from 400. We aimed to get the leadership in Turkey; we are already number one in Istanbul preserve market. Our turnover will reach TL 45 million from 40 million with this new investment.”

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