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SIAL heralding latest innovations and inspiring the food industry for 50 years

The world’s number-one food exhibition will be held in Paris from 19 to 23 October 2014.

SIAL, the world’s largest food exhibition, focuses on the major challenges faced by the global food industry. The fair gives the visitors the opportunity to discover innovative food products, to explore SIAL’s comprehensive offering: 19 exhibition sectors, to meet over 6,000 French and international exhibitors and to discover the food market trends and innovations. Turkey, one of the most powerful food suppliers of the world, is a traditional leading exhibitors of SIAL for decades. Under the patronage of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Turkey has been challenging with a huge performance at this global show arena. This year, the country has prepared one of the strongest exposures for SIAL 2014. Innovation is the most reliable and valuable of all economic predictors. More than ever, innovation will be the catalyst for growth for the successful companies taking part in SIAL 2014. Faced with a dramatic acceleration in consumer needs, innovation stands out as the pivotal strategic focus for maintaining and developing the com – petitiveness of our food companies. Successful innovation strategies do not appear out of thin air. It takes a genuine spirit of openness, active lis – tening and smart thinking to understand and anticipate consumer expectations across the world. Only then can companies forge their own vision and create added value in a highly competitive environment.f57

Food industry professionals throughout the world are setting the trends and building the future of the way we eat.Innovation and SIAL have been constant companions for the last 50 years! With its never-ending commitment to innovation, SIAL has become the guidebook par excellence to trends in the food industry on a global scale. Innovation can be found everywhere in the food aisles, promoted by over 6,000 companies. It also takes center stage in the SIAL Innovation Area, the focal point of the exhibition, which highlights the most striking innovations. Innovation occupies pride of place at SIAL. More than that, however, innovation is part of SIAL’s DNA, epitomizing its expertise and modernity, as reflected in the high numbers who attend, with three out of four visitors finding it a source of inspiration. Whereas innovation is now a global issue, it is even more crucial for boosting the French food industry. We should not lose sight of the fact that, with its 11,852 companies (98% of which are SMEs or very small businesses), the food industry in France plays a vital role in the country’s vitality in terms of turnover and jobs. SIAL offers its innovative exhibitors a springboard for enhancing their international profile among key buyers in the industry… and much more besides since, in addition to the October 2014 exhibition, SIAL will be supporting innovative French businesses at Expo Milano 2015 in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry With 50 years’ experience and a global presence backed up by more than 10 exhibitions across the world, SIAL has truly become a key platform for global food supply and demand. We build bridges and promote encounters and opportunities be – tween industry professionals. With each succes – sive edition of SIAL Paris, we have endeavored to make the exhibition much more than a simple tradeshow – a multicultural network, a forum for exchange and inspiration that helps companies on the road to future success. SIAL Paris 2014 will pursue these goals with pride, unveiling the major trends and innovations that will soon be influencing our chefs and re – vitalizing our supermarket shelves. The key (and universal) element that is sure to be highlighted is: pleasure! Because there is no doubt that, wherever you are in the world, food is still one of life’s small pleasures… 150,000 international visitors are expected to meet over 6,000 exhibiting compa – nies and share this visionary approach. The exhibition has been heralding innovations and inspiring the industry for 50 years.



The at – mosphere this year will be particularly festive as we mark the 50th anniversary of SIAL Paris. Although the celebrations have already begun in Canada, China, Brazil and the Philippines, Paris – the birthplace of SIAL – will, of course, be the climax. I urge you to come and see all the innova – tions at SIAL Paris 2014 and join us in celebrating this half-century of adventures in the world of food! As Nicolas Trentesaux, SIAL Group Director, puts it: “50 years after its creation, the International Food Fair has become a brand, an exceptional and unique experience in the global agrifood business sector. SIAL Paris assists exhibitors in the strategic accompaniment through the 8 fairs organized by SIAL Group. This year once again, SIAL Paris is without doubt fully committed to this sector with 200 countries represented. Retail, central buying organizations, hard discount, small retailers and all retail profiles are meeting here in force. Hypermarkets have been around for 50 years and 50 years ago, SIAL Paris became a unique concentrated platform for national and international decision makers. Distribution and SIAL are intimately connected. SIAL Paris has been established for some time now as the meeting place for global retail. Its motivations are threefold:

• Sourcing, of course: SIAL represents an incredible concentration of suppliers and products to complement retailers lines. The success of a retail outlet and the part it plays within the market place is dependent upon an attractive range of products on offer. The retailers are particularly looking for new products that will help boost sales and differentiate themselves.

• Consumer data: retail outlets are becoming more “Marketing Minded”, “consumer driven” and are not prepared to give the big manufacturers the exclusive relationship with the consumer any longer! Retailers have become increasingly demanding in terms of knowledge relating to consumer trends as well as innovations, in order to adapt their food offer and also to improve their concept of distribution.

• Meetings: distribution does not escape the rules of networking. SIAL remains the privileged place for its 150 000 participants when it comes to meetings in the agri-food sector: economic and political meetings, all of them beneficial. The 2014 edition will be the perfect opportunity to discover the food that the world has to offer; it will be made up of the positive aspects in food retail, as well as to highlight new challenges in the new market zone era. TV Studio, World Tour by SIAL, Le Marché by SIAL and SIAL Innovation aim to help retailers get a complete and coherent point of view.



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