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Soyyigit Group serves food and beverage industry with a broad range of quality products

45From powdered products to oil and pasta Soyyigit is a known name among companies operating in the food industry in Turkey. Board member and Export manager Aydin Soyyiğit introduced his company and their success story.

On the birth of Soyyigit brand
Soyyigit is a group of companies focused on the production and marketing of food products for both domestic and international markets. Having been in the industry for more than fifty years in the sector, the company is active especially in vegetable oil, powdered food and fluid pastry fields.

On the production facilities and the capacities
In addition to our factory that has a capacity of 5 thousand tons/month for liquid oil refinery and packaging in Hayrabolu, Tekirdag, we bought a new factory that is capable of processing 500 ton per day oily seeds on 100 2thousand sqm in Edirne in 2015. Here we can process sunflower, corn and canola seeds for oil.
Besides, another factory expansion has been completed last month in Kirac, Esenyurt, Istanbul. Products used in pastry industry are to be produced in this facility. We also update our machinery and technologies in the facilities.
In the three cities that we have operations, about 450 people were employed in management, sales, production, R&D, quality control, planning and storage operations.

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On the locomotive products among variety of productions
6Soyyigit food company has been serving in out of home consumption sector with its Kent Boringer, in liquid oil Kent Boringer and Aysan brands.
Powdered food category covers several products including bouillon, taste enriching additives, local sweets, cake flour mixes, pudding, charlotte, vanillin, cacao, carbonate, powdered sugar, supporting materials, flour and starch mixes, soluble soups, powdered and granule drinks.
In oil group, sunflower, corn, canola and olive oils are produced at several packaging.

7On exports and targeted export markets
Our rank among 61,000 exporters in Turkey, we rank at 1000th place, according to the data of Exporters Union.
Export activities of the group of companies have been carried out by Kent Boringer foreign trade Ltd. since 1995.
Export operations of the group have been organized around six regional management each is covering specific countries. Products of the company is sold in 120 countries on four continent.
Our target markets are in South and North Africa, in Middle East, in the Balkans, Europe, South and Central America. Despite recent problems in the world, our sales have been increased by 20 percent last year, both in terms of volume and earnings. We found new markets instead of some countries we lost in sales.

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Trix-9g-ColaOn the differences between Turkey and other powerful countries in this industry
Dining culture in developed countries are rising in the world. In out of home consumption industry, powdered foods, soluble drinks and oils are major items. Where workingwomen ratio is high the need for more practical food in the kitchen are demanded most. In this regard, the USA, France, Germany and other European countries comes first, they have high demand for practical food items. Also tourism activities are closely related with rising consumption of ready to serve foods.

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