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Sultan Et represents taste, health and quality in meat, sausage and pastrami

Sultan Et’s production story started in Ankara in 1973. The company started with sausage and pastrami, and today it has a total of 140 items in 7 main product groups. The products are registered under the brand names of “Sultan”, “Serdar” and “Anadolu”. 

An official of the company outlined their quality principles and their operations:

“Our company mission has always been to produce the highest quality products. Sultan Et product quality starts with the purchasing of the feedstock.  The red meat to be used as the main feedstock comes from selected domestic livestock of Central and Eastern Anatolian planes. The herbs and spices are ground at – 40 C to protect the essence and flavors, prevent toxic material formation and to maintain high quality.”

The company employs food engineers, veterinarians, meat technologists and food technologists who are experts in their fields as well as support personnel. The production complies with HACCP regulations in each and every stage.

Sultan Et facilities applies ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP quality assurance systems throughout the whole process starting from procurement/purchasing to marketing.  From feedstock to final product output, each product go through physical, chemical and microbiological analyses at 78 different points during the production process; thus every product is quality assured.

Sultan Et has proven its meat quality once again with the receipt of HalaI Food Certificate of Turkish Standards Institute which followed ISO 14001 certificate, confirming its environment friendly structure and OHSAS 18001 certificate of occupational health and safety. It has also registered its brand in sausage production upon acquiring 2012 TSE Turkish Sausage Standard.

“We have managed to reach all parts of Turkey with our 10 regional managerial offices, more than 50 dealers, 170 refrigerated transporters along with national and select chain stores. Our remote vehicle monitoring system enables us to effectively control the temperature of the transport vehicles as well as that of the warehouse to ensure we can deliver all of our products to you without a missing link in the cold chain,” explained the official.

Sultan Et closely follows all technological innovations in its field and keeps renewing its machinery and equipment. Investments in technology make a difference in the production capacity of the company and the R&D activities meet the market needs in all ways possible.

Sultan Et brings out the visuality in its products by making use of the packaging design. Especially Sultan Natural Sausage is placed in single packs to achieve better marketing in stores.

“We have managed to maintain the quality and taste of our products since we have first started this journey 40 years ago. We thrive upon the satisfaction of our customers, and are grateful to them for their continued support along with our valuable business partners and employees,” the official added.

Sultan Sliced Hungarian Salami is a great and delicious addition to the breakfast tables and sandwiches, with its easy open/easy close packaging

Sultan Sliced Hungarian Salami is ready to be an essential part of delicious breakfast tables and quick sandwiches, with its 60 grams easy open packaging. Sultan Sliced Hungarian Salami is now available at the UCZ markets having previously met the customer at various other points of sale throughout Turkey.

Packaged at Operating Rooms

Sultan Sliced Hungarian Salami is prepared in stainless steel coated slaughterhouses with meat cut, controlled and aged under veterinary supervision as necessary and blended with spices. The salami is cooked in purpose-made ovens and sliced automatically in hands free machines. Sultan Sliced Hungarian Salami is packaged in clean-rooms specially air conditioned and disinfected in a way similar to operating theaters and distributed in GPS monitored vehicles.

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