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Tayaş Food, a worldwide recognized company in confectionery business

50,000 m² indoor space… 800 skilled staff, the experience of a half century… A daily production capacity of 150 tons. A product range of over 250 different varieties…

TAYAŞ Food is known as one of the most prestigious confectionery and chocolate manufacturer with a wide manufacturing range of toffee candies, soft candies with filling, hard candies, chocolate, coated biscuit and tablets. TAYAŞ Food has also gift products in its portfolio and with new bar lines added to the production line, it has become one of the biggest manufacturers in coated bar segment in Turkey and abroad.

Established in 1965 the company was passed on from generation to generation showing growth at each step of the way. With its modern facilities, it has now become a global player with a large production capacity. %80 of its production is exported to 110 countries in 5 continents worldwide.

TAYAŞ Food blended its core principles and half a century of history with power, experience, high capacity and sense of quality to become a valuable brand with its growing product range in Turkey and many other countries around the globe.


Production is carried out in perfect hygienic conditions with fully automated machines untouched by human hands in Gebze production and technology base and it is supported by Halal Food Quality and Safety certificates.  TAYAŞ Food owes its experience in export to the high quality and hygiene control norms that are applied without compromise. TAYAŞ is also certified with a Production Adequacy Certificate by the Turkish Standards Institute and BRC Global Standards and is further accredited for compliance with HACCP and ISO 9001:2000 standards.

TAYAŞ Food which was set up with an investment of 45 million Euros runs a production capacity of 150 tons per day with 800 qualified staff in its modern facilities with a total area of 50,000 square meters indoor space.

Unconditional Customer Satisfaction

Tayaş Food gives great importance to research and development in order to develop various products and compete in the sector. With this aim, a high-tech Research and Development laboratory was designed with an investment of 3 million Euros. TAYAŞ makes unconditional customer satisfaction with its ability to comply with the strictest food codex of different countries and performance of detailed food analysis in these production and research departments. Through exporting products to Japan where the quality criteria is the highest, TAYAŞ demonstrates the excellence of its expertise.

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