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The story of a natural taste

Manti is a Turkish specialy resembling ravioli. It is sometimes as meat pasty and like patty some other times. It has varieties but they are all very special for palate taste.
The taste of Kasik-La is the taste that has been transferred from generation to generation since 1996. It was offıcially registered as “Kasik-La” brand as a reply to the question, “How do you eat manti?” and has continued its leadership in Turkey in the manti market. An official of the brand made the following statement about this specialty:

“Today, our brand has become a chain of restaurants with a production capacity of 1.3 tons of manti in a 5,200 m2 closed and 25,000 m2 open area with over 200 staff and restaurants in 12 different crties.

“In order to carry out its activities more professionally, our company received the ISO 22000 – TUV – HACCP quality certifıcates and has standardized its quality and reliability, Kasik-La gives utmost trust to its customers by managing its consumer oriented activities, making no compromises  regarding its quality, continuing its production under hygienic conditions and not using any additives. Our core values are continuing our customer satisfaction focused culture we have had for 22 years and presenting healthy, safe and natural products to people.

“Our products, which contain no additives or preservatives, are produced in totally natural and hygienic conditions there by proving to us that the beauties of the past still exist and are continued, “In orderto preserve our eadership in the market and thereby our value in the eyes of our customers, our investments to the Kasik-La brand continue. Kasik-La has opened new restaurants in Shopping Mals in crties such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Erzurum starting in 2005 in order to serve the natural, traditional tastes of Kayseri to the peope in other regions.

“With a motto of, ‘We do not serve our customers any product which we or our children do not eat,” Kasık-La, ‘THE MANTI MAKER OF TURKEY” gives utmost importance to the hearth and palate of its customers and continues to serve them with hearthy, natural foods… Since 1996.” Since its inception, the company has adopted the traditional tastes to experience, today it has pass to the seria production, To this end, it’s created Manti of  Beauties brand.

Manti of  Beauties


“The things that are liked are aLways special. Whereas, those that are speciaL, require special attention. Hence, we produce our Kayseri Manti using 100 % beef under hygienic condrtions and pack. it without any touch from human hands.”

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