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Torku Starts Apple Juice Production

Konya Seker continues to expand its portfolio of products produced under the Torku brand. Torku Fruit juice, Vinegar and Molasses Production Plant, which was built right in the center of Taurus, on 20 thousand sqm covered space on 10 thousand sqm land, also started production of grape juice and apple juice after vinegar. The plant, which started production in the harvest season in 2016, provides direct employment opportunities in the region as well as valuating products such as apples and grapes produced by the farmers of the region and these products are also expected to serve for price regulation on behalf of farmers.

While assessing the value of the new plant for the region and for the national economy, Recep Konuk, MP of Karaman and chairman of Pankobirlik said, “When we include Karaman, Nigde and Isparta, Konya is the leading region in Turkey’s apple production. Torku is the youngest and the fastest growing brand that Konya Seker has gifted to Turkey. So, Torku is the leader of this run with its performance in 9 years. With this investment we made, we brought the leading brand in the food industry into the production and to the service of apple producers in this region. This investment is one of the most right decisions for Konya Seker. As a trademark in the fields filled with roots of apple trees we could not stay away the beautiful scent of the apples and apple trees in this land.

There is about 1 billion dollars worth of export potential for apple juice and apple products. Producers in other provinces may also get their share in the potential.”

The plant will produce NFC fruit juices, vinegar and grape molasses naturally having no additives during the process and was designed to process other agricultural products grown in the region. Products are bottled then in glass and other forms of packaging. In the last 12 years, 41 projects were realized that aim to process several agricultural products grown in the region. Konya Seker and other producers aim to doubling of production and economic growth in the region in other foods including potatoes, sunflowers, corns, grains, meat and diary products. Following the operations of the world’s largest integrated meat and milk processing plant in Meram, Konya farming has been grown 50% and food prices were stabilized in the country.

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