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Turkish Pasta, Bulgur, Pulses and Vegetable Oil Promotion Group, an efficient power behind the sector

The Pasta, Bulgur, Pulses and Vegetable Oils Promotion Group (MBTG) was established the approval of Undersecretariat for Ministry of Economy on April 4th in 2012 upon the decisions made at the general conventions of 6 exporters unions and with the assent of Turkey’s Exporters’ Assembly.

Secretariat services of MBTG are handled by Southeastern Anatolia Exporters’ Unions (GAIB). The Promotion Group is consisted of Board Members of Exporters’ Unions. MBTG has 11 members 6 of whom are from GAIB. The Group is headed by Ahmet Tiryakioglu and Deputy Chairman is Sahin Batalli. There is a Business Committee comprised of academicians and experienced businessmen to study and report the issues which will be put on the agenda of the Business Committee.

In close cooperation with manufacturer associations to get better results from its operations, MBTG gets the ideas and suggestions of associations such as Turkey Pasta Industrialists’ Association, Bulgur Industrialists’ Association and Vegetable Oil Industrialists’ Association.

The Promotion Group also cooperates with universities in and out of Turkey and Turkey’s commercial attachés. The 2102 export volume of the products represented by the Group became 1.9 billion dollars exceeding 9% the figure of previous year.

The Promotion Group deals with promoting Turkish brands of pasta, bulgur, pulses and vegetable oils to the four corners of the world. MBTG’s main goal is to accelerate and expand its promotional activities and in turn, increase the global demand for Turkish branded products.

Having set forth with the aims of enhancing brand image and increasing brand value of Turkish branded products, the MBTG continues to add to the activities that it has recently begun to undertake with each passing day. The MBTG, with its natural, properly produced and processed products is making a contribution to the proper and healthy nourishment of the world population while helping global awareness in this regard.

The mission of the Promotion Group is to bring the Turkish pasta, bulgur, pulses and vegetable oil trade to a highly competitive position throughout the world. Transforming Turkish products into global brands and increasing the export of Turkish brands and making a positive contribution to the Turkish economy. Expanding global market channels. Strengthening its position in the existing and future markets. Contribution to global awareness with regards to proper and healthy nourishment.

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