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USER Focuses On Middle Eastern And Central Asian Markets

In addition to offer different tastes suitable for every culture User Food and Consumer Goods sets to expand its export network.

Pointing out that they would participate in Gulfood, Yummex and Anuga fairs in 2017, Abdullah Dizdar of User says they would promote Turkish cultural tastes as promoting Turkish coffee. We made an exclusive interview with Mr. Dizdar:

To what extend have you realized your objectives since your establishment? How do you evaluate your current position?

User Food & Consumer Goods Production Marketing Industry and Trade Corporation nestles the reflection of our family’s knowledge and experience by being transferred from them regarding the powder food products and spice sector. We have entered in the beginning of 1950s and the company carries on its production activities in facilities established on 5000 square meters of covered area with the objective of providing quality products to consumers.


Your company is famous especially for its powder line products. What makes your products unique when compared with the competitors? What kinds of innovations do you add on your products?

User Food and consumer Goods Production Marketing Industry and Trade Corporation export major part of it’s productions and it aims to be a Pioneer company in it’s sector by using advanced technology with it’s specialized staff and by doing Works to increase the level of quality, productivity, customer satisfaction and reliability, specially in ready mix powder food products.

 How is the situation of the Turkish powder industry when compared with the world markets? Do you have different projects for the domestic market?

Turkish people culture is closer to consume liquid drink, for now we have not any plan to enter markets in Turkey but we will be working on plans for future.

What are the consuming preferences according to nations? What kind of a sales policy have you been implementing at this regard?

As you know, each country has different taste culture. We are trying to catch their tastes which is available for their culture. Like some countries prefer more sugar, some countries wants to feel more flavor. If companies can response to their taste cultures, these companies increase their export range every year. So our main target is to catch the taste culture of country to enter to market which is our aim countries.

What are your targets for export activity which is among the most important issues of User Food? Have you added any new markets to your export markets this year?

We have four categories of products, namely instant powder drinks, instant coffee and coffee mixes, bouillon and ready-made desserts. We export all of the production to 75 countries. We especially focused on the markets in Africa, Middle East and Central Asia. We also seek new markets. This year we started exporting to America.

Have you set an export volume target for 2017? What percentage of your production goes for exports?

For some reasons, the year 2015 was not satisfactory for our company. The events in the region influences trade performances highly. But we are optimistic for the year 2016. We have planned a target to export 20 million dollars of product this year.

The trade fairs are important for exportation. What is your point of view to the shows at home and abroad? Which fairs will you be attending this year?

Especially in powdered drink category Turkey is known as a growing producer in the world. Name of Turkish coffee is famous as well. So we would like to attend exhibitions for to show our product quality, our aim is increase export target with exhibitions. We will attend Gulf Food Dubai, Yummex Dubai and Anuga Germany exhibitions in 2017

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