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USER poised for more exports in 2016

Exporting 100% of its products User Gida targets to realize an export volume of USD 20 million in 2016

Producing a broad range of products User Food Company is very active in exporting its fresh and genuine products to many countries in the world. The company has recently shipped to sealands in Caribbean.  Abdullah Dizdar, general manager of User briefed about their company and operations:

“User Food & Consumer Goods Production Marketing Industry and Trade Corporation nestles the reflection of our family’s knowledge and experience by being transferred from them regarding the powder food products and spice sector.They have entered in the beginning of 1950s and the company carries on its production activities in its facilities established on 5000 square metersof covered area with the objective of providing quality products to consumers in product groups of:

Instant powder drink, energy powder drink, instant coffee (classic, gold,3in1,2in1) cappuccino, coffee cream, custard powder, cream caramel, cake flour mixtures, baking powder, sugared vanillin, cocoa powder, potato puree, max quick  (milky drink strawberry, cacao, banana), crème Chantilly, whipped cream, cake cream, jelly, hot chocolate,sahlep with milk, bouillon cube and powder (beef, chicken and shrimp) oats.

User Food and consumer Goods Production Marketing Industry and Trade Corporation export major part of it’s productions and it aims to be a pioneer company in it’s sector by using advanced technology with it’s specialized staff and by doing works to increase the level of quality,productivity,customer satisfaction and reliability,specially in ready mix powder food products.

Quality standards

One of the most important features of USER FOOD & PRODUCTS CO.that also enable us to gain competitiveadvantage in the global arena is its commitment to use latest technology in order to produce finest food products that comply with the highest worldwide quality standards.

USER is managing its quality by implements ISO quality management system.This enables us to systematize our operations and contact production.

Another pillar of our production policy is food safety,which is assured with the implementation of HACCP system.

100% exports

We have four categories of products, namely instant powder drinks, instant coffee and coffee mixes, bullion and ready-made desserts. We export all of the production to 75 countries. We especially focused on the markets in Africa, Middle East and Central Asia. We also seek new markets. This year we started exporting to Caribbean islands.

4 thousand tons of annual production

Base of our business is powdered food that we produce about 4 thousand tons annually in compliance with the rules of Turkish standards institute. We have to get health certificates for exporting goods. Also buyers have our products tested in their countries.

Sugar is our main material that we buy it from domestic sources. Coffee is imported from India, Brazil and Vietnam. Our import ratio is 60%.

Turkish products are known in the world

Especially in powdered drink category Turkey is known as a growing producer in the world. Name of Turkish coffee is famous as well. Competition is fierce in coffee. Our exports may increase more when the service quality is improved.

2016 export target is 20 million dollars

For some reasons, the year 2015 was not satisfactory for our company. The events in the region influences trade performances highly. But we are optimistic for the year 2016. We have planned a target to export 20 million dollars of product this year.

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