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Walnut Enters Competition with Hazelnut by DKC Group

DKC company focused on walnut and related food production and processing. It aims to expand in export markets, as well.

Founded last year, the first integrated walnut processing company in Turkey, DKC starts it first production run following 10 moths of R&D studies. The first krokant walnut cream, the first walnut butter, and the first edible walnut oil, Jaywis, will be manufactured in the first mount of this year.

The idea for the company have been developed by O. Faruk Gur, general manager of the company, whose father have been struggling with Alzheimer and Parkinson illnesses for years. He learnt the importance of walnut in the prevention and treatment of the illnesses. When the ministry of forestry and water resources has started an action plan to promote walnut production in Turkey, his project was completed. Aiming to focus on the production of walnut based food products, the company built a factory of 3 thousand sqm in Fatsa organized industrial zone that will produce 1,100 tons of edible walnut oil annually.

Faruk Gur says, “We are the first integrated factory to process walnut in the world. We start with walnut cracking machinery in the factory and we have other facilities to produce walnut creams, edible oil and special walnut foods. Our oil that we named it as Jaywis (phonetically means walnut in Turkish), is highly healthy and can be used in all dishes. It is said that it is the single oil to feed the brain. It helps to solve many other health problems. Our candies and chocolates are sold under Lever Jack brand.” He said that, his company starts exporting its production soon. “We made our first export to the Middle East. In the first six months we plan to enter 13 export markets, and targeted an export volume of 13 million this year. We think that we well take the lead for other companies in walnut processing and exporting. We believe that walnut will be as important, profitable and valuable as hazelnut for the regional and national economies.

We also support for the walnut farming. Ordu province that has proved its success in hazelnut, honey and kiwi production in the past, will be a leading player in the walnut farming and processing in the future.” Food Turkey_Layout 1 25.06.2014 16:29 Page 32

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