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“White gold” of Turkey

Poultry production and consumption is on the rise worldwide.

Warnings and advices of related circles about the importance of poultry products in daily diets of the masses to overcome the hearth and vein diseases and obesity caused by eating disorders, have been effective on this result. Cost advantage over red meat was another factor in the rising consumption of white meat. Poultry farming has started in the 70’s in the world and in 80’s in Turkey. Poultry products are classified into six groups namely birds meat, broilers, ducks, geese, guinea fowl and turkey meat. In Turkey, chicken and turkey have the largest share in white meat market. One of the by products of the poultry industry is an item of exports, namely, chicken legs. It is not consumed in Turkey; this item contributes to the export earnings of the country. Poultry meat industry is a competitive industry in EU countries. Poultry products originating from Turkey have been exported to about 45 countries in the Middle East, Far East, Caucasus and North Africa. Recently, known as the “white gold” in the region, even goose feather has been exported as a valuable item. Production and exporting of poultry products have been rising steadily year after year and new markets were added for exports. The industry has a great potential for further growth.f6

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