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Written as “TORKU”, spelled as the “purest and silky food chain of Anatolia!”

With a team composed of 900 thousand farmers that cultivate the fertile fields of Anatolia in favor of a natural production, and process their own crops for delivery under its own brand, Konya Seker delivers the farmer’s valuable output from the field to our tables accompanied by her own brand, Torku.MacBlog_FoodPrice-copy
Konya Seker produces her own seeds as well as her own fertilizers and own feeds. In their production processes, they give utmost priority to pureness, health and quality for the sake of safe consumption without engaging any agent, and bring its customers the prolificacy of the Anatolian fields and our dedicated efforts.
Konya Seker, cares our fruitful land as the most valuable asset and they act across a perspective not merely focusing on today, but are aspired to deliver an even refined heritage for our children. For this reason, Konya Seker conserves both our seeds and our lands. Along with a future outlook, they have planted 18 million trees in Konya Plain and keep planting.

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Offering a very broad spectrum of products to consumers through the Konya Şeker assurance, the Torku brand owes its name to Divânu Lügati’t-Türk, the oldest known Turkish dictionary. Literally meaning “silky, durable like silk”, Torku made its debut with chocolate products in 2007 and soon built a wide spectrum of products ranging from bakery products to candies, from frozen foods to dairy products under the Torku brand. 13This spectrum will keep growing day by day accompanied by a blossoming product variety. All Torku products are offered to its customers and consumers through the Konya Şeker assurance. Under the Torku brand, Konya Şeker offers a reliable food chain directly linked to the production process at each phase from the field to your table. Indeed, raw materials for each product within the wide spectrum ranging from candies to chocolates, from biscuits to wafers, and from milk to meat products and even to frozen foods under the Torku brand, are principally produced by Konya Şeker. All products under the Torku brand are delivered to the consumer in 100% pure form and at superior quality standards through the Konya Şeker assurance. Such assurance is supervised via a system called “Torku Reliable Food Chain” specifically built for milk and dairy products.


The purest and most natural form of sugar hugs high-quality cacao oil
Torku offers the sweetest form of natural sugar beet through the Konya Şeker assurance. The assurance starts with 14the seeds of the GMO-free sugar beet produced by Konya Şeker and is flourished through the set of trainings and support provided to farmers during beet cultivation. And the critical aspect is that the process is completed in state-of-the-art production facilities. One fourth of current sugar production in Turkey is undertaken by two Konya Şeker plants equipped with sophisticated technology. The purest and high-quality form of sugar is produced from delicately cultivated natural sugar beet in these facilities, packed hands-free and delivered to shelves under the Torku brand.

The same level of assurance is secured by Torku not only for sugar but also for the full spectrum of products made of 16sugar ranging from candies to chocolates, and from biscuits to wafers. And high quality standards are no way sacrificed for other raw materials besides sugar. For instance pure chocolate is made from cacao oil, hence it is easily dissolved in the mouth and leaves a superb taste behind. Konya Şeker uses cacao oil in all of its chocolate products, because it believes this is the only way of achieving the peak taste in chocolate. Torku products are produced in most special recipes developed by globally leading Swiss chocolate specialists besides high-quality raw materials and sophisticated technology in production plants.

The Konya Şeker assurance for frozen food products
Committed to providing added value to each and every product of partners and offering healthy, reliable and high-quality15 products to consumers meanwhile, Konya Şeker delivers high-quality frozen foods, mainly including potato. Such products where each phase starting from the seed is controlled by Konya Şeker (e.g. sugar beet) are swiftly frozen without the use of any additive or preservative, guaranteeing the fresh form as in the field. Such products offered by Konya Şeker under the Torku brand are involved in the menus of high-class restaurant chains incorporating international brands.

The Torku Reliable Food Chain in milk and dairy products
Underlaid by Konya Şeker along with 900 thousand farmer partners, the “Torku reliable food chain” seats on two foundations; the raw material supply chain made up of trained and certified farmers, and the state-of-the-art intelligent product plant guaranteeing utmost hygiene. First, Konya Şeker supplies reliable raw materials from “certified farmers” that have undergone special trainings. Particularly for dairy and meat products of Torku brand, a fully distinctive model is run.


The strongest link of the chain, “licensed, certified farmers”
The “Certified Torku Milk Supplier” for milk, and the “Torku Certificate of Compliance” for meat. Milk delivered by certified farmers is regularly analysed and inspected, and also Konya Şeker’s in-house veterinarians regularly undertake inspections for animal health and wealth. Farmers proving to satisfy certain standards in these inspections become “licensed” and “Certified Torku Milk Suppliers”.

For Torku meat products scheduled to be launched in 2014, bovines of trained and certified farmers will be inspected exhaustively by Konya Şeker’s veterinarians followed by the issuance of the “Torku Certificate of Compliance”. The origin and history of bovines dispatched to the Panagro Integrated Facilities for production will be registered to build an online “identity” for each.


Intelligent Production Facility at superior technology and hygiene standards
In the Torku reliable food chain, the care and sensitivity shown throughout the raw material supply process consistently keeps going. Thanks to the intelligent ventilation system and HEPA filters, air within the facility is as clean as what a surgery room can offer. Inflow into the facility is guided only through the supervised hygiene spaces. This facility also represents an unprecedented technology in Turkey. Hands-free technology to produce traditional feta cheese has been employed in this facility. And thanks to the system called “ecological disinfection”, carcass meat is disinfected only by means of a special chemical-free method just composed of water and salt.


The sensitivity attached to the whole production process for the sake of its consumers as well as non-consumers health is also displayed in environment where wastewaters are recycled for irrigation of arable fields.

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