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XI.XI Infinity Gourmet, natural olive oil…

The magnificent oil tree with its healing properties and eternal powers was sent to mankind by the creator.

Olive tree is blessed; so olive and olive oil are the most beautiful presents granted to humanity. If the blessed olive tree is processed correctly, it becomes a source of health for our bodies. It is on this basis that XI.XI. (11.11) Infinity Gourmet extra virgin olive oil came into being. XI.XI. Infinity Gourmet, produced for real olive oil addicts

XI.XI (11.11) infinity gourmet is one of the superior cold press olive oil kinds produced by table olives in Turkey. It is made by the 50-300 year-old olive trees from places in Mudanya-Kumyaka districts in Turkey’s Marmara region where the richest and the most quality olives are grown with regards to edible olives. Mudanya table olive is a special kind of olive that is rich in oil, thin shelled, bearing small seeds and a ravishing exquisiteness. The cold press olive oil produced by these olives contains olive’s all aroma and flavor within itself.

The olive oils which are gently handpicked one by one are immediately brought to the rendering plant on the same day and produced by cold press method without a moment’s delay. Now therefore, the healthiest and the most appetizing olive oil comes to existence.

XI.XI (11.11) infinity gourmet is produced for real olive oil addicts in a limited number. This cold press unique olive oil is bottled directly. There is no mechanical separation or filtration process. That’s why organoleptic qualities as well as antioxidant and vitamin levels of thissuperior olive oil (dry- cold pressed) are preserved. And also, they are

* exclusively produced.

* high- end gourmet products

* 100% naturally produced

* made by hand-picked olives.

* uniquely produced

* niche products

Having worked in marketing for many years with the experience and knowledge of strategic communication, marketing projects and trademark, Aslihan Yildirim and Nazligul Unal sisters successfully institutionalized the family business, built brand and introduced three precious products into the market. Knowing the difficulty in finding healthy and natural food in today’s world where healthy diet, philosophy of returning to the nature and nostalgia are of high importance, Aslihan and Nazligul have renovated the available family mill and put it into operation after six years of study as Communication, Consulting, Promotion, Food, Export & Import Limited Company. The olive oil mill was originally set up in 1930, then in 2003, the company name and profile were changed in institutional way.

The communication & consulting ltd. focuses exclusively on the artisanal production of olive oil and is located in western part of Turkey, North Aegean (near Mudanya). This region has a rich history in the cultivation of olives. All olive oil products are produced in accordance with relevant food safety and environmental legislation. Being one of the first companies in Turkey is plays a pioneering role in the traditional stone press, and high quality cold pres olive oils.

The company has two separate olive oil products with their corresponding brand names:

“XI.XI. (11.11) Infinity Gourmet / extra virgin olive oil” natural cold pressed

“X.X. (10.10) Integrity cold-pressed extra virgin” olive oil The market share of the ‘gourmet’ olive oil niche represents 14% of the total gourmet olive oil market in Turkey, According to officials of the company new export markets are soon opening up in Hungary, Singapore, France and UK, due to high demand. Brand and Packaging:

“XI.XI. (11.11) Infinity Gourmet / extra virgin olive oil” 500 ml and 250ml glass bottles

“X.X. (10.10) Integrity cold-pressed extra virgin” olive oil 1L, 5L and 10 L cans On request, various packaging sizes and materials are available…

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