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Zer Group targets 500 m. dollar in exports

2023 target for exports from Turkey is 500 bn. dollars. Zer Group targets to contribute it with an export volume of 500 m. dollars.


Having 5 factories producing liquid oils, olive oil, sauce and powder vegetable, Zer Group exports 95% of its production and targets to reach 500 million dollars of exports by 2023. Export manager Husamettin Selcuk informed about their activities.


Would you inform us about your products and production facilities?

We have factories in Bursa Karacabey, Manisa Akhisar, Aydin Dalaman, Gaziantep and Batman where we produce sauces, pomegranate sauce and vinegar. Sunflower oil, bullions, whipped creams are processed in Gaziantep, tomato paste and olive oil is produced in Aydin, Manisa and Bursa, which we renovated and re-equipped them.


What are your target markets abroad?

It depends on demands of the markets. For example, recently we met a Libyan customer in Istanbul food fair and he liked our ketchups and mayonnaises. We will send these products to this buyer. He and we will test each other. If they like, we will continue.

Iraq and Middle East countries are our basic market besides are 17 other countries for exports. There are some problems in these countries due to the political turmoil and terror. Besides, currency rates are very volatile. In general sales are running on a level path.

We have limited number of buyers in domestic market, a few distributors in Istanbul, Batman, Mus, and Diyarbakir.


Problems directed you to other markets, isn’t it?

Actually, we have been accustomed in these complicated markets during the invasion of Iraq. Now the war is in Syria. We have operations in this country. We have a large base of customers in these markets. Branding in your own country is not easy to realize. Our efforts to enter new markets are on. Our teams work hard to find new markets and opportunities.

Our study is still going on to find opportunity in the USA. We have participated in a fair in New York in 2012. We try to improve our share in this market. We have two dealers in Chicago and California who sell mostly olive oil and tomato paste. The paste produced in the US is highly different from our’s. Though the price tags are higher, our products are sold in markets that have a clientele of Middle East origin. California demands more olive and sunflower oils.


What do have to say about trade fairs in general? Which fair do you plan to participate in the coming years?

This year we will participate in Anuga fair, a larger and prestigious event. Held at the heart of Europe, in Cologne, Germany. This and the other Sial held in France are the two major events. We participate in fairs as an investment and with an aim to find new customers and for prestige.


What are your short-term targets in exports?

We want to reach 30 countries for exports. Presently we export to 20 countries. We also want to increase our sales volumes and number of customers in these markets.

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